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WebWatcher is a great monitoring app with necessary spying features, including several that you won’t often see in other spyware. While it may not match the industry leaders, it’s quite a good option for someone who wants to see the messages sent to the tracked device, get instant warnings, or follow GPS location. This software works on most known devices, making it stand out from the crowd, which might be confusing for some users.

In this WebWatcher review, we will go into great depth about the installation process, major features, and limitations of this popular spyware. Read on to decide whether it’s worth a try.


  • Runs on most smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers
  • Offers a free trial to let you see how features work
  • Doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking of a device
  • Allows to monitor a target device remotely while being unnoticed
  • Sends instant e-mail notifications to alert of possible dangers
  • Doesn’t offer a free plan, just subscriptions
  • Subscription is quite expensive and allows for tracking only 1 device
  • Isn’t so user-friendly, unlike other spyware
  • Doesn’t have a time management tool
  • Doesn’t let you read outgoing messages in social media software
  • Antivirus software may prevent the app from running well

WebWatcher overview

What Is WebWatcher App?

webwatcher main

WebWatcher app is spyware designed to help parents monitor children’s mobile and computer activity. This spy app is an irreplaceable tool that allows caregivers to keep their kids protected from potential risks and hazardous people on the Internet.

Being developed in 2002 by Awareness Technologies, Webwatcher has significantly improved to become one of the most popular parental control apps on the market. This app lets parents read text messages, view browser history, get instant alerts, and monitor social media accounts on a child’s phone.

Webwatcher works with most operating systems and performs smoothly without interrupting other software. Keep reading this Webwatcher review to find out our honest verdict on this spy app.

WebWatcher pricing

How Much Does WebWatcher Cost per Month?

WebWatcher pricing varies and depends on the device. It currently offers 2 plans – a 3-month and yearly subscription. A yearly plan will cost $10.83 per month for iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC users. Meanwhile, Chromebook users can enjoy their service for $3.33 per month for a 12-month subscription. Refer to the table below to see payment rates in detail.

3-Month Plan12-Month Plan
iOS, Android, Mac, PC$59.95 ($19.98/month)$129.95 ($10.83/month)
Chrome$39.95 ($3.33/month)

The total amount is paid upfront with no installment payments available. The subscription is renewed automatically unless a customer cancels it. In case you are new to WebWatcher and want to test how it works, this app offers a free trial.

How Much Is an Unlimited WebWatcher?

Unlimited access to all features of WebWatcher costs an extra $29.95. The package allows you to use a spy app without any boundaries.

Is WebWatcher Undetectable?

It’s stated on the official website that WebWatcher parental control software is completely undetectable. It has been tested and approved by an independent security firm.

All activities are tracked remotely via a safe web-based monitoring account. A brand icon can be hidden, which leaves no chance for this application to be detected. The owner can keep using their device without suspecting that a monitoring application is installed.

Benefits of using WebWatcher

WebWatcher Key Features Review

WebWatcher is jam-packed with features that make it an excellent software for spying on both children and employees. Get ready to unleash the app’s full potential by learning more about its features in our WebWatcher review.

webwatcher features


One important thing that we would like to highlight in this WebWatcher parental control app review is flexible compatibility.

WebWatcher runs well on both Android and iOS devices. It’s also compatible with Mac, Windows, and Chromebook devices.

No Jailbreak Required

The majority of parents and employers hesitate to use hidden spy apps because they may make a device vulnerable to malware. Unlike some spy applications, the WebWatcher app doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting. This means that you can monitor your children or employees without putting a gadget at risk.

Web History Monitoring

The times when tracking a website’s history was a mere dream are long gone. With WebWatcher at your fingertips, you may view the web pages a phone owner visits. In addition, the application instantly notifies parents when specific words are typed in the browser. There are around 150 keywords and terms in the library that you can choose for alerts. This will allow you to know every time your kid accesses inappropriate or taboo content.

Before writing this WebWatcher review, we thoroughly tested the app and discovered that there are no web filters. Unlike other spy apps that allow parents to block access to inappropriate web pages, this feature is unavailable. This may be quite disappointing to some parents who tried apps like Famisafe or Net Nanny.


WebWatcher supports checking all incoming and outgoing SMS text messages sent from a tracked phone. The application will show you all the details about a text message, including its content, time, and date. But the spy software didn’t stop there. It further improved this feature to give you an opportunity to view messages that have been deleted.

Photo Monitoring

It’s impossible to imagine a parental control app that doesn’t have a photo recording feature. Web Watcher isn’t an exception. Enhanced with photo monitoring, it allows users to keep a close eye on images and videos that have been taken. This awesome tool remotely captures photos and transmits them to your account.

Call Log History

Want to know all incoming and outgoing calls made from a monitored device? No problem, WebWatcher got it handled. You can easily use this application to keep track of a complete call log history. See the exact call time, duration, and number of calls made to control your employee’s performance or keep children focused on their studies.

Installed Apps Monitoring

Another important feature we want to highlight in this review of Webwatcher is the possibility of monitoring currently installed apps. With installed apps monitoring, you can detect harmful applications on your child’s phone or inappropriate apps on the company’s device.

Social Media Monitoring

WebWatcher monitoring tool doesn’t quite top the charts in social media tracking. At first glance, it may seem that the arsenal of social media platforms it supports is quite generous. But when you get to test this tool more in-depth, you will discover that WebWatcher allows you to track incoming messages only for certain apps and only on a specific device.

There are obvious differences in how the spy software runs on various operating systems, which may be critical for some users. Below in this Webwatcher review, we will tell how this app performs on Android and iOS devices.

For Android Device

WebWatcher Android app supports most trending messaging and social media platforms. The list includes WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, Viber, Kik, etc. But when it comes to viewing messages, it gets a bit trickier. You will be able to read only incoming messages sent via Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, or Facebook Messenger. It’s even worse with Snapchat and Tinder. In this case, the tool allows viewing only a sender’s name.

For iOS Devices

WebWatcher is compatible with iOS 6.0 or up. The list of supported social media apps for iPhone users is rather modest. Users will only be able to see messages sent to the monitored device on WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, and Kik.

Location Tracking

Perhaps all parents panicked at least once in a lifetime when their kid didn’t respond to incoming calls or text messages. This won’t be an issue with WebWatcher. It provides the exact details of GPS location within a few minutes. What’s more, this location tracking tool allows you to trace all places visited by an Android holder.

However, don’t opt for this spyware if you expect to be notified every time someone leaves or arrives at a specific location. The tool isn’t furnished with a geofencing feature, and we consider it a significant drawback.

Additional WebWatcher Features

While WebWatcher doesn’t rank first for all the aspects, it more than delivers some extra features. What really stands out is its screen recording feature. You will literally be able to see everything a monitored person does on their Android device. All screenshots are sent to a personal dashboard. In addition, the tool is equipped with a keylogger which means that you can record passwords and other private information typed on a computer.

WebWatcher Free Trial

Want to test the software but worry whether it will work properly on your phone? This question concerns most clients, and we want to be completely honest with you in our WebWatcher parental control app review. This instrument provides you a chance to use it for free for 7 days before making a final decision. You can enjoy access to all tools during a free trial period.

Installation process

XNSPY App How Does WebWatcher Work

WebWatcher enables users to keep online activity under surveillance by taking screenshots, tracking chats, and following geolocation. This information is securely loaded to protected servers, where it can be viewed remotely. Users can control their family or staff from any gadget provided there is a stable Internet connection.

The WebWatcher dashboard is quite user-friendly. The gathered details are organized intuitively and displayed in several sections. You can see all the alerts on the main page and click on them to find out more information. However, some clients may get stuck at this stage.

How to Install WebWatcher on iPhone?

Follow these steps to install WebWatcher on your iPhone:

  1. Register an account and buy a subscription.
  2. Enter the Apple ID and Password of the tracked device into the Webwatcher mobile login field.
  3. Ensure iCloud backup is disabled.
  4. Start tracking the device remotely.
  5. Log in to your account to track online activities.

How to Install WebWatcher on Android?

Here’s how to complete a WebWatcher installation on Android:

  1. Create an account and select your device.
  2. Choose the most fitting plan.
  3. Pay for a subscription.
  4. Download and install the application to the device.
  5. Begin your monitoring experience.

Best alternative to WebWatcher

WebWatcher vs. mSpy

Both WebWatcher and mSpy have been operating on the market for more than a decade and have earned decent reputations. And while two of the parental control software boast various monitoring features, it’s very unlikely that the apps are equal.

In this review, we will challenge WebWatcher and mSpy in terms of crucial monitoring features and overall user experience.

Live demoMissingPresent
Free trial7 daysMissing
DevicesAndroid, iOS, Mac, PC, ChromebookAndroid, iOS
E-mail trackingUnavailableAvailable
Social media monitoringOnly incoming messagesIncoming, outgoing, and deleted messages
Wi-Fi trackingUnavailableAvailable

Overall, mSpy is an enhanced brother of WebWatcher and offers a much smoother experience.

Why Should You Choose mSpy?

We would agree with most WebWatcher reviews that it’s great spyware that offers monitoring options on different devices. But in other aspects, mSpy obviously wins users’ hearts over its older brother. Here are a few reasons to opt for mSpy:

  • Discount on the first use
  • More social media platforms supported with access to incoming and outgoing messages
  • More extensive storage tracking capabilities (notes, contact list, calendar)
  • Responsive customer support
  • Geofencing monitoring


WebWatcher Review: Final Thoughts

WebWatcher is a likable spy app with all the important features necessary to spy on any device, be it a phone, tablet, or computer. Available perks and settings make it a good option for newbies or anyone searching for basics only. Most WebWatcher app reviews claim that the software is easy-to-install. But they fail to mention that there might be some issues with performance on a computer with antivirus software running. And with limited customer service, your first-time experience might be somewhat thorny.

Hopefully, this review helped you grasp a better idea of how the app works. Don’t hesitate to browse through our blog for more reviews to find an option that satisfies all your needs.

7.8Expert Score

Ease of use
Value for money

People Also Ask

WebWatcher FAQ

Is WebWatcher safe?

Yes, WebWatcher is safe to use. It protects sensitive data with enhanced encryption technology preventing third parties from obtaining private information.

How reliable is WebWatcher?

WebWatcher app is a reliable spyware available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It strictly conforms to all regulations stipulated in these official software markets, guaranteeing safety and trustworthiness.

Does WebWatcher offer a free trial?

Yes. WebWatcher provides a 7-day free trial period to decide whether this spy app is worth installing. All features can be examined and tested during a free trial.

Will WebWatcher work on all devices?

WebWatcher performs on most known devices – Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC, and Chromebook. However, some features may be more or worse enhanced depending on the operating system you choose.

Can I use a WebWatcher app to control screen time?

Unfortunately, WebWatcher only allows you to take screenshots on Android or monitor your child’s activity on social media. The spyware doesn’t show how much time a person uses a tracked device and, thus, can’t decrease screen time.

Is WebWatcher a free app?

No, WebWatcher doesn’t provide a free plan. This software only offers 3-month and yearly subscription plans with a risk-free guarantee in case its features don’t perform as promised. Users can also get a taste of how the app works by trying it for free for 7 days.


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