A Master Class in Android Tracking: TheWiSpy Review

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In a desperate attempt to appeal to a larger audience, most hidden spy apps available on the market strive to cover both iOS and Android devices, which often comes at the cost of instability and unreasonable prices. In this TheWiSpy review, we shall explore how the developers focus on one of the two major operating systems to deliver a top-notch experience.

What Is TheWiSpy?

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To put it simply, TheWiSpy is a control app that allows its user to keep track of someone else’s mobile activities by picking up the data from the surveyed phone in real time. If this review is your first encounter with mobile trackers, TheWiSpy Android capabilities will far exceed your boldest expectations since this app can shed light on anything from the contents of someone’s text conversations to their current location.

Reasons to Use TheWiSpy App

TheWiSpy and similar spy apps have a scope of application that is only limited by your imagination, but the primary intended use of mobile trackers is all about parental control, which is often reflected in their promo campaigns. As you’ll see from the rest of this TheWiSpy review, the app is no different in this regard, and it indeed has everything to keep an overly curious child away from daily dangers.

TheWiSpy Pros and Cons

  • Full package of commercially available Android spy tools, from ambient recording to app monitoring
  • Lightweight setup package that requires no preparations like rooting
  • Pricing policy liberal enough to deserve the title of the cheapest working Android spy app
  • Competent customer support available via contact form, email, phone, and social media
  • Reasonable refund policy and terms of service
  • Media monitoring functions locked with a paywall
  • Limited compatibility and no iOS support

TheWiSpy Features

In 2023, the bare minimum of functions on board spy Android software must include full control of stock apps, precise GPS tracking, support of at least 5 of the most common social apps, and some additional features like geofencing or trigger word alerts. TheWiSpy doesn’t just check all these boxes but actually has a truly top-of-the-range tool package. Let’s take a closer look:

Stock App Monitoring: Contacts, Calls, Calendar, Browser & Message Monitoring 

Even though these tools are present in all the trackers out there and work identically, we shall still touch upon some of their outstanding traits in our TheWiSpy review. The app has probably the most convenient text message interface, where those are actually organized into chats. The calendar notes log will display the location, if any, and the calls can be organized by 6 different parameters, which greatly facilitates a lengthy investigation. 

GPS Location Tracking

A stray kid or a slacking employee ceases to be a problem when their movement can be tracked at any given moment, and the spy app is of great help here. Surely, there’s not a single TheWiSpy review that didn’t mention the lack of location history log, and we gladly agree it’s a missed opportunity. On the other hand, the presence of geofencing makes matters simpler, as you will receive instant alerts every time the target enters an unwanted area.

Media Files: Photos, Videos, Voice Notes & Messages

The app’s update rate of 5 minutes makes the process of media file tracking almost instant. Effectively, you obtain access to every file from the gallery, as well as every voice message the owner sends via third-party programs. Even if they decide to erase the files or chat entries later, they will still remain kept on TheWiSpy’s servers.

Surround Recording: Screen Capturing, Microphone & Camera Spy

Most TheWiSpy reviews agree that the app’s ambient surveillance features have been implemented flawlessly, and the only tool it may be lacking is real-time streaming. As with all the other tools, open the corresponding tab on your TheWiSpy dashboard to get access to the camera (both main and frontal), microphone, and screen recording.

Remote Access: Device Lock, Call, Website & App Blocking

Efficient parental control is impossible without certain reasonable restrictions, and this is where TheWiSpy’s remote commands might come in handy. Lock the phone altogether if your child fails to concentrate on more important activities, or approach these limitations selectively by pruning some web browser capabilities or social apps.

Instant Messenger & Social Media Monitoring: WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat & More

Each app supported by TheWiSpy, of which there are 13, comes with its own tab on the dashboard, where you can monitor chats and messages – or viewed videos list, in the case of YouTube. Speaking of the roster, there are even some rare entries like Imo, Line, and Kik. Combined with the screenshot and recording features, this tool is perfect both for child care and employee monitoring.

TheWiSpy App Pricing

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TheWiSpy cost is definitely one of the most marketable aspects of the spy app – not only is it affordable, to the point of being twice as cheap as any other Android tracking app, but it also allows for flexibility when it comes to value for money. These are the currently available subscription tiers:

  • Basic: $15.99 per month; a decent starter pack with stock app tracking (calls, SMS, GPS) and media viewing. No social app support;
  • Premium: $25.99 per month; a slight upgrade that unlocks most remote commands like app blocking and device lock, as well as surround recording tools.
  • Platinum: $33.99 per month; includes all the features mentioned in this TheWiSpy review.

TheWiSpy Compatibility

Sad news for those who expected to make the most out of the app’s affordable pricing on iOS – TheWiSpy doesn’t support iPhones, and it doesn’t seem like the developers are going to adapt their parental control app to Apple devices anytime soon. Surely, there are tons of alternatives on the market, but be prepared to pay extra.

As per Android tracking, things look pretty standard for TheWiSpy compared to the competition. The app has the full support of versions 5 to 9 and comes with somewhat limited functionality on Android devices with versions 10 and 11 – by that, we mean TheWiSpy is unable to function in stealth mode and can’t record or capture the screen on newer devices.

How to Install TheWiSpy

Even though it may take about 10 minutes to tweak the internal Android phone settings, you don’t need any special knowledge or skills to install TheWiSpy. Just be attentive and double-check each step while following this installation process guide:

  1. Start by creating an account on the official app website, then use your TheWiSpy login and password to authorize.
  2. Explore the contents of each subscription package and pick the one that caters to all your needs.
  3. Upon purchase, copy the download link delivered to your account page and use it to install the app onto the gadget you’re about to track.
  4. On the first setup screen, agree to T&Cs, then paste the license key from your account when prompted.
  5. Deal with the formalities by entering your child’s name and age on the next screen.
  6. To enable all the tracking features, the spy app will request some tinkering with the phone’s settings – you must follow each step to a tee.
  7. Now that TheWiSpy has administrative privileges, finalize the setup by allowing GPS location tracking, then reboot the device.
  8. Go to the app’s dashboard from your web browser and link the device. The first-time sync may take up to several hours.


It is. In legal terms, it’s about how you use it rather than the existence and distribution of the tracking app itself. The intended scope of use – that is, parental control, does not violate any of the existing laws on personal privacy. 

This legal loophole exists due to the fact that you’re essentially spying on a target phone you purchased yourself, which means it’s your property. The only case when it’s fine to install TheWiSpy app on someone else’s devices is when their owners give you explicit permission to do so. 

Does TheWiSpy require rooting?

No matter whether you purchased a starter package to give the tracker a quick try or invested in a premium package, you don’t require rooting or any other preparations before TheWiSpy installation. You must, however, carefully follow all the instructions during the process to gain access to all of the included TheWiSpy features.

If you run into trouble during any of the app setup stages, it is highly advised that you report that to the support team. You can expect an almost instant response, be it via live chat, phone, or their social media pages.

Is TheWiSpy detectable?

On Android versions 5 to 9, it’s impossible unless you know the title of the applet it poses as on the target device. TheWiSpy doesn’t offer to remove its icon during the installation, which means the tracker works in stealth mode by default. The icon will be visible on Android 10 and newer, though.

It is also possible to locate TheWiSpy by using anti-spyware monitoring apps. The chances of your target resorting to that are pretty slim, but you still must consider the phone owner’s level of suspicion and their familiarity with such technical countermeasures.


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A Master Class in Android Tracking: TheWiSpy Review
A Master Class in Android Tracking: TheWiSpy Review