TheTruthSpy App Review: Everything to Know About App’s Powerful Monitoring Features

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Looking for an app that would help you get access to the phone activities of your children, employees, or partners? Or still, after reading several TheTruthSpy reviews, wondering if it’s worth it?

TheTruthSpy app makes undetectable spying absolutely effortless. Take a look at features, pricing range, OS it supports, and other general information in our 2023 TheTruthSpy review.

What Is the Purpose of TheTruthSpy App?

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Similar to other spy software apps, TheTruthSpy is yet another great solution for parental control, employee monitoring, and disturbed spouses. With the spy app in hand, parents, employers, and spouses can keep their thoughts at ease.

There will be no more need to worry as they will have phone monitoring access to target phones while staying completely undetectable. The app’s purposefulness doesn’t stop there; the list can go on, starting with parental control to people who want to know the truth from their partners.

How to Operate TheTruthSpy App?

To start using TheTrurthSpy app features, you’ll first need to follow a few steps. On TheTruthSpy website, there are 3 subscription plans; after deciding on the plan that is best for you, you’ll need to purchase it. As the purchase goes through, be sure to receive an app download link and activation key. Alongside app download, you need to install TheTruthSpy software on your target mobile phone. If you have any issues with the download or installation of the app to the ​​target phone, contact customer service.

After all actions are complete, you have the ability to monitor your target devices’ digital steps and moves remotely, all from an online dashboard, which can be accessed through a phone or PC. You will receive updates almost instantly since the app work has a basic operating principle; it tracks all actions on the target cell phone, then uploads them to an online server, and they become visible on your dashboard.

The Best TruthSpy Features

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Now, let’s discuss the most exciting part, TheTruthSpy features you get. Every spyware has a standard collection of features paired with some distinct ones relevant to their app only. Some apps have a wide collection of features, while others have smaller collections of top-grade features; luckily, TheTruthSpy offers quality features that provide splendid control over monitored devices.

Phone Call & Text Message Control

View phone books, call logs, and text messages. With access to all timestamps, durations, and frequencies of incoming and outgoing calls, you are able to block suspicious or dangerous numbers. You can also find any specific text message, as even the deleted messages get captured and uploaded to your dashboard immediately.

GPS Location Tracking

With access to the cell phone’s activity and GPS tracking, you possess real-time information about your target’s whereabouts and plans. Worried you will get busy and miss a GPS location? Even without time to monitor the dashboard location all day, you will still get to see all location pinpoints, with address information, timestamp, and dates. This is the perfect feature to see where your child goes after school or if your worker is actually at home sick.

Spy on Social Media

Social media has become the ultimate way to spend time, and it has partially taken over the web, phone calls, messaging, etc. Whether it’s Skype video calls, Instagram DM’s, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, or Snapchat, with TheTruthSpy app, you can monitor all of it. Check if employees aren’t using social apps during work hours, if your spouse isn’t using dating apps or messengers to communicate with their sidekicks, and make sure your kid isn’t getting bullied or harassed online.

Internet Browser Monitoring

While browsing history may be irrelevant for employers and spouses, it’s a big concern for parents. As kids develop, they lie to wonder, so who knows what they could be searching for on the internet, and can stumble upon violence, adult content, and other inappropriate websites. Surveilling the browsing history, parents can make sure kids aren’t exposed to inappropriate content or searching for dangerous websites.

Surround Recording

A relevantly unique feature within spy apps is surround sound recording. The ambient voice listening feature enables you to activate the target device’s microphone to hop on surrounding sounds, verbal chats, background sounds, and other conversations or sounds as well.

Monitor Installed Apps

Is your child playing a specific game nonstop or using an app to cheat on homework? Well, you can stop this in just a few clicks without having to confront them over and over again. TruthSpy gives you control over installed apps on the target device; not only can you get timestamps on usage but also block specific applications or set usage timers.

What Operating Systems Does TheTruthSpy Support?

App support is important to check before subscribing to any spyware plan. You wouldn’t want to make a purchase and be unable to install TheTruthSpy app on the target mobile device. Now for TheTruthSpy mobile spy app, it’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, but however, there are some nuances.

When it comes to Android compatibility, the app runs on devices versions 2.2 and up to the most recent versions. There is no need to root the Android phone or tablet to get started with TheTruthSpy app.

As for iOS compatibility, first of all, you will need a target device that is jailbroken; in other cases, it won’t function. As for the version of the OS, it should be 4.0 and higher. The provider offers great customer support service, so if you have any issues with your device, you may contact them directly.

How Much Does TheTruthSpy Cost?

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On the official website, you will find TheTruthSpy pricing with 3 subscription plans: a standard and two pro versions, a premium plan, and a gold plan. The standard plan costs $21.99 per month and offers a limited amount of features.

If you opt for the Premium plan, it will come out to $25.99 per month with more features available. Now the Gold plan costs $30.99 per month and allows access to all features. If you pay for 3, 6, or 12 months right away, it will come out to less money per month.

If you are still not sure what plan will fit your goals best, you may get a TheTruthSpy free trial for 48 hours to test features without the need to commit. You can also read other customer reviews to see which plans other users recommend.


To sum up our TheTruthSpy review, we can say that the app is suitable for a variety of tasks, whether it’s to monitor your kids’ mobile activity, track your employee’s activity during work hours, or even when you need to ease your thoughts about a possibility of your spouse or partner cheating.


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TheTruthSpy App Review: Everything to Know About App’s Powerful Monitoring Features
TheTruthSpy App Review: Everything to Know About App’s Powerful Monitoring Features