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The market for cell phone trackers does not stop growing and getting new members. The reason for this is quite apparent – the internet does not become safer, and people do not cheat less. One of the undetectable spy apps that can help you with these issues is Spyzie – a reliable and multifunctional spy app for Android and iOS devices.

Features Offered by Spyzie

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The features an app offers are its main selling point; if the list is poor, it has no chance against competitors. Thus, developing software with a broad and engaging list of functions is the top priority for any respected developer. And Spyzie is created by a respectful developer, believe us.

Access to Contact Information

It is always important to know who people communicate with. Partners may cheat, children can get shady acquaintances, and employers can start working on your competitor one day. In all these cases, their phone’s address book will be their life’s mirror. The data you get from it can have a crucial meaning and lead to a vital decision one day. With Spyzie, you will know the name and phone number of 5 people your target contacts the most often.

SIM Card Change Tracking

People often think that by changing their SIM card, they will become untraceable, and it is a huge mistake. Phone trackers have nothing to do with the number or SIM card; thus, they will not influence your tracking abilities at all. Like many other phone trackers, Spyzie will inform you if a new SIM card is inserted into the monitored device. In such a way, the target device will receive no hidden messages or calls. Moreover, you will still be able to track the location and use all other Spyzie features.

Access to Media

People often take pictures of… Well, basically everything:

  • timetables;
  • documents;
  • locations they visit;
  • people they are with;
  • messages received and sent, etc.

By accessing the media library on the monitored device, you will get to know as much information as you probably do not expect. What is even greater – in the media files’ metatags, there is information about time and date, and many phones automatically check in, noting the location. Thus, by getting access to the media library, the Spyzie app will provide you with versatile information about the target phone.


Not all tracking apps have a keylogger on their list, so Spyzie definitely has an advantage here. Keylogger tracks every key tapped on the device, sending you the text typed. In such a way, you will always know what the tracked person writes in the text messages and what passwords they enter on different websites. It is an ultimate tracking tool that allows you to monitor the needed device and gives access to a person’s social networks and private accounts.

Internet Activity Monitoring

Many people live a whole different life on the internet. Thus, internet activity monitoring is one of the most important Spyzie features. New friends, love stories, memes, bullying, harassment, drugs, illegal porn, online games, gambling – all these things describe internet activity, still being quite controversial. Spyzie helps you monitor everything your target does on the internet – from messaging in social networks to browser history. This feature is indispensable as both a parenting control and a tracking tool.

Location Tracking

Location tracking is the first thing coming to mind when people hear “phone tracking app”. The initial idea of phone spy applications was location tracking, and it is almost impossible to find a tracker without GPS location monitoring. Spyzie is not an exception – it offers a decent location tracker, which almost does not differ from the same feature of other applications:

  • coordinates;
  • location name and pin;
  • location history;
  • map.

All this information and map can be found on your dashboard in the corresponding section.

Short Messages Tracking

All sent and received messages will be visible on your dashboard, including the time and the recipient’s/sender’s name and contact number. This feature is mentioned as one of the primary advantages of Spyzie, although to our mind, it is a must-have for any modern tracking application. The good thing about Spyzie is that its SMS tracking works equally well on both iOS and Android devices.

Phone Calls Recorder

Phone calls are not the most widespread mean of communication nowadays, but many people still use them if they need to talk to someone urgently, not having time to wait until people read messages. With the help of Spyzie, you will be able to heal all the conversations between the target device and all the callers.

Spyzie Price

Spyzie’s pricing policy is quite flexible and offers various pricing plans for the most popular devices.

Basic planFamily planPremium planBusiness plan
iOS devices5 devices, $99.99 per month1 device, 49.99 per month25 devices, $399.99 per month
Android devices1 device, $39.99 per month (less features available than in family and premium plans)3 devices, $69.99 per month1 device, 49.99 per month

Many people would be happy if there was a Spyzie free trial to test the app and understand if they really need it. But, unfortunately, there is none for now, and we can only hope it will be added in the future.

Spyzie Review: Installation Process

The whole installation is described in detail on the website, but we will also share the main points here.

  1. Create an account on the official website spyzie.io. The registration procedure is the same on any other website, so you should not have any issues with it.
  2. To install Spyzie on the target device, you will be asked to enter some information about its owner.
  3. Now you need to allow installation from unknown sources. It can be done in the settings of your device. The detailed path should be shown on your screen, and it varies depending on whether the device is iPhone or Android phone.
  4. Upon installation, log into your Spyzie account on the target device.
  5. You need to grant all the requested permissions to the applications, and there will be a special button, “Grant”, on your screen.
  6. The application will request administrator rights – you should give them to it.
  7. Finally, hide the icon so that no one can notice the tracker.

Other Similar Applications

We have already mentioned in this Spyzie review that this control app is very decent but only one of many phone trackers available on the market. We decided to mention two worthwhile competitors, mSpy and iKeyMonitor.

Spyzie vs. mSpy

Spyzie and mSpy are two industry titans, so it isn’t easy to give a final verdict here. They are almost 100% equal in terms of the features they offer, and Spyzie works almost in the same way as mSpy. However, these two apps have different views on how some features may function.

  1. When it comes to tracking social media platforms – Spyzie takes a screenshot, while mSpy only sends you pure text, which is definitely not so convenient.
  2. Both applications can block the installation and functionality of undesired software; however, only mSpy can block undesired websites.
  3. Unfortunately, it is impossible to install Spyzie on devices with 2-factor authentification. mSpy, on the other hand, has no such problem if you manage to pass the authentication itself.

Spyzie vs. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is another popular monitoring software focused on parental control. It is of great interest first of all because it offers a free version with unlimited time use. Of course, the features assortment is cut there, but it is still enough to test the application. Additional features can be purchased as add-on packages.

Secondly, what the Spyzie spy app cannot boast with but iKeyMonitor can is the desktop version. Children spend a lot of time at their computers, and this feature makes iKeyMonitor an ultimate version of a parental control app.

Is It Possible to Detect Spyzie?

It is one of the most important questions regarding phone trackers: a detectable tracker is a bad tracker. For the sake of this Spyzie review, we contacted customer support and asked them if it was easy to detect their software. By the way, it is worth mentioning that the support replied quickly and competently.

So, it is possible, however highly unlikely, to track Spyzie’s work on a device. There are several specific markers:

  • higher battery consumption;
  • the temperature of the device can increase in some cases;
  • the device can work slower (true for older models).

People usually do not pay attention to such markers unless they already suspect a tracker is installed on their device, so there is no need to worry that someone finds it out by accident. And even if someone starts suspecting something, they still need to locate and uninstall Spyzie, which is also not simple.

Final Verdict

There are many Spyzie reviews on the internet, so our task was to make ours short, clear, and helpful. Hopefully, we succeeded. Spyzie is a decent representative of the cell phone trackers category, with many useful features. In addition, the pricing policy offered by Spyzie is flexible and offers more options than its competitors.

We contacted Spyzie customer support and got a reply almost immediately. Monitored data can be accessed via a convenient online dashboard, and should any problems arise, you can contact the fast-answering customer service. To start monitoring, you need to log into your personal account (the Spyzie login procedure takes a few seconds), and proceed to the convenient online dashboard, with which… We cannot rewrite the famous poem about Jack and his house here, but you got the idea. It is a matter of 5 minutes to start tracking with Spyzie.


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Ultimate Spyzie Review 2023
Ultimate Spyzie Review 2023