Spyic Review – Is It Worth a Try?

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Whenever someone mentions monitoring apps, there will always be a person saying that using them is a clear violation of a person’s privacy. Somehow spying apps have a bad reputation even though they were created with only good intentions. Today we will tell you about a software, which is a great example of a bad stereotype, in our Spyic review.

Spyic Pros and Cons

  • allows tracking social media apps and logging keystrokes thanks to Spyic keylogger
  • it’s compatible with common operating systems: iOS and Android
  • the service has a large number of features
  • installation and setup take less than 5 minutes
  • Spyic’s dashboard is extremely intuitive and user-friendly
  • downloading of the media files and phone calls isn’t supported
  • the app should be installed on the monitored device manually
  • based on Spyic app reviews, customer support isn’t responsive

Spyic overview

What Is Spyic App?

Spyic is a great mobile phone app for both Android device and iPhone models. The various features it provides to users make it an excellent spy software.

This app is often used for parental control to monitor activity on kids’ cell phones. This can help prevent the risk of attacks from sex offenders, cyberbullying, etc. Similarly, Spyic works well in keeping an eye on elderly parents, making sure that no swindlers will have access to their money and files.

spyic main

Can Spyic Be Detected?

Smart developers decided to hide the real name and logo of the Spyic app on the target phone by masking it as the system tool. It’s discreet, and the installed application is almost impossible to detect, but we still would recommend discussing your tracking intentions with your loved ones before installation.

Pricing review

How Much Is Spyic Subscription Cost?

Android Subscriptions

Android subscriptions traditionally offer Basic, Premium, and Family plans. The price range is between $39.99 to $69.99 monthly.

  • Basic Subscription (1 device). The Android Basic plan ranges from $39.99 to $99.99. A subscription for 3 or 12 months costs less per month.
  • Premium Subscription (1 device). The difference between the Basic and Premium tariffs is in Spyic features and functionality. The Premium costs from $49.99 to $119.99.
  • Family Subscription (3 devices). The cost ranges from $69.99 to $199.99 for the same set of features as in Premium.

iOS tariff plans are called Premium, Family, and Business. The price for a subscription reaches up to $399.99 monthly.

  • Family Subscription (5 devices). Spyic cost is $99.99 monthly or $399.99 yearly.
  • Premium Subscription (1 device). The price ranges from $49.99 to $129.99.
  • Business Subscription (25 devices). The perfect solution for monitoring employees – from $399 to $999.99.


Spyic vs. Cocospy

Proceeding with our Spyic review, we decided to compare it with one of its major competitors – Cocospy. To begin with, the two apps are in the same price range, being completely identical. Both apps are well-produced. The information about the tracking device appears fast on the screen and syncs the recorded data immediately.

Comparing their features, our review conclusion is that apps have exactly the same features, such as phone monitoring, access to social media activity, the possibility to check browser history, etc. Based on Spyic app reviews and Cocospy app reviews, the latter slows down the target device more if compared to Spyic and has a lower rating on review platforms.

It’s also worth mentioning that none of the apps has live chat support, which is frustrating when you run into a problem requiring fast resolution. Apart from that, both services are great products to use.

Is There a Free Alternative to Spyic? 

To answer this question, we went to Google and searched for free monitoring apps. It was easy to find different services that offered similar features as Spyic, but most of them cost more or looked fishy. However, there are some exceptions, such as iKeyMonitor, which offers an unlimited free trial with a decent set of features free of charge. There are also commonly known spy apps, such as Find My for iOS and Find My Device for Android, that can be utilized if only location tracking is a matter of your focus.

Be careful when signing up for brand-new free spy apps since they may either collect users’ personal data or only disguise as free while being a scam. Always do research prior to purchase.


Spyic App Features Review

Talking about the Spyic app review, we can’t help but notice the huge work behind the tool. Service allows you to monitor activities from another person’s phone: social and media websites, chat monitoring, and cell phone location tracking. Below we did a deeper dive into Spyic review and analyzed its features.

Location Tracking

With Spyic, you will always be in control of the GPS location of the target phone. Thanks to location tracking, you will be able to know the movements of the person you are spying on, including time, date, and location stamps. It is also possible to use geofencing, i.e., mark areas that someone shouldn’t cross and get a notification if the borders are passed through.

Remote Access

Remote access to the target gadget is a basic feature and something that a good spying app couldn’t exist without. The Spyic service guarantees you a quick connection between both phones at any distance without delay in information sync.


A Spyic keylogger is a feature that captures pressing buttons on different platforms like social media, websites, and applications. A keylogger captures not only comments or text messages but also passwords and login credentials displayed in your user space.

No Root or Jailbreak Required

Jailbreaking or rooting works by downloading a program that removes device security protocols and changes permissions to modify the system. Spyic doesn’t require rooting or jailbreak at all. The tracking app even allows monitoring of an iPhone without installing any software. You’ll need the users’ iCloud credentials.

Spyic SMS Monitoring Feature

With the Spyic phone tracker, you will be able to access and view all chats, private and group, from the most used platforms: WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, etc. When it comes to SMS, you can read both incoming and outgoing text messages, including deleted ones.

Spyic Dashboard

The Spyic panel displays information from the application and data about the monitored device. For example, you can see where the observed device was, a list of the most frequent calls, and the text messages with phone numbers in the control panel of the device as well.

Browser History Monitoring

Another important feature is browsing history monitoring. The internet can be a dangerous place for kids, so you need to make sure that they’re browsing online safely. With this feature, you will see if your loved one is visiting shady sites or has inappropriate conversations.

Spyic Customer Support

Spyic review wouldn’t be complete without describing its customer service. It’s necessary to be sure that in case of any problem, clarification, or information required, you can always count on 24/7 support. The Spyic customer can get help through email or find an answer in the FAQ section. No live chat support is offered.

Installed Apps Monitoring

There are a lot of apps in the Play Store or Apple Store that are inappropriate for a child and may contain adult content and violence. The Applications tab on the dashboard will let you know what programs are installed on the device, including any media apps.

Installation process

Installation and Setup of the Spyic App on Android and iOS

Spyic is an easy-to-use app, and the installation process takes only 3 steps. It’s very intuitive and doesn’t require any special skills. We created a small instruction on how to install Spyic with an explanation for you below.

  1. Register Spyic Account 

The first thing you need to do is to create an account on the official website. You just need to enter two pieces of information: your email address and password.

  1. Install and Configure Spyic App on the Target Device

After registering, install the Spyic legit app on the device you want to monitor through an apk file (it is necessary to disable Play Protect first) or log in with the iCloud credentials remotely (in this case, disabling 2FA and enabling iCloud backup is necessary).

  1. Start Monitoring

After installation and data acquisition begin, physical access to the monitored device is no longer required, and it is possible to perform control from your device. Spyic works smoothly and starts monitoring immediately.

Spyic App Interface

We continue our Spyic review with the app’s interface outlining. It can be checked out on the demo page available on the site. First of all, it is user-friendly and intuitive. It’s made in green and white colors and has a minimal design. The control app is divided into the dashboard on the left and the working space on the right side of the screen. It’s loading fast, and previously reviewed information is available even when the person is offline.

We liked that the Spyic app is a very easy tracker to navigate and also offers user-manual instruction.


Spyic Review Verdict 

When it comes to the safety of loved ones, you should get the best tool for protection. Based on Spyic reviews we read and our own experience with it, our conclusion is that the product is worth its money. The great quality and trustworthiness are, without a doubt, something that parents are looking for while picking the spy app. We are glad to confirm that Spyic is a parental control app that you can trust to ensure your kids’ safety.

8.6Expert Score

Ease of use
Value for money

People also ask about Spyic


Is the Spyic app legit?

Spyic software is an officially registered and legit monitoring app to use. You may use the service to protect your elderly parents from swindlers or kids from sex offenders and cyberbullying.

Is Spyic safe?

Spyic review showed that one of the Spyic pros is that it’s safe to use and encrypts data. The targeted phone information is confidential – nobody will access it except for you.

How trustworthy is Spyic? 

Spyics reviews from customers prove that the app could be fully trusted. It is used in 190 countries, and 96% of Spyic customers renew their subscriptions.

Does Spyic have a free trial?

Spyic developers prepared only a demo version of the app for future customers. Everybody has the possibility to get familiar with the services before purchasing a subscription. As of 2023, Spyic free trial is not available.


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