Snoopreport Review: Target Your Instagram Audience Like a Pro

In the last decade, both average users, entranced by the opportunity to share colorful insights from life, and merchants and entrepreneurs, now existing exclusively in the online domain or expanding their outreach, have massively taken to social media such as Instagram. Surely a big window of opportunity has opened up, which means the competition is colossal, but new marketers, influencers, or content creators should not give up just like that.

Online monitoring tools and hidden spy applications are key to success, and this Snoopreport review will describe the capabilities of such a product, along with its pros and cons and operation features. However, this is only one side of the coin, and even IG users interested in a little more information about media personalities or their social circles than is on the surface will be able to put Snoopreport work to good use. Stay tuned!

Snoopreport Pros and Cons

  • no installation is needed, i.e., no rooting or jailbreak is involved
  • don’t depend on their account access – only a username is required
  • data is collected continuously, even if you log out of your account
  • the basic subscription allows for tracking two Instagram accounts
  • no full access to the account
  • no free trial is provided
  • collects info about non-private accounts only
  • reports arrive on a weekly basis only

Snoopreport overview

What Is Snoopreport?

Snoopreport is an anonymous Instagram activity tracker that collects certain data about an IG account and displays it on the user’s dashboard. Unlike your usual pastime on the platform, this application gets all busy looking behind the curtain and is aimed at analyzing the activity of both the account itself and its interaction with other accounts. These data and figures allow you to understand the interests of the audience, adjust the direction and strategy of the business, and keep up with trends.

snoopreport main

While it sounds like a go-to tool for professionals, having a Snoopreport account can come in handy for parents of today’s kids who understand their desire to be part of the digital world. Yet, they can conveniently track aggregate analytics of who their child is interacting with and what content they are interested in.

How to Use Snoopreport?

For people who use mobile apps, starting with Snoopreport is a no-brainer. Below in this Snoopreport review, you’ll learn the specific steps to get the app up and running. If you had to deal with such products for tracking activities on gadgets, then you already know that their approach might not always work due to the need to access and configure the device. Snoopreport, on the other hand, requires a minimum of input data and is ready for your service after you:

  1. Sign up on the website (no separate app yet) by entering your email and creating a password.
  2. You will then be prompted to purchase a subscription (more on your options later in this Snoopreport review), and once everything is set, just click on Add Account.
  3. Here you will see only one field to fill in, where you need to enter the username of the person or business page you want to monitor. By the way, you do not have to be a follower of this Instagram account, but a prerequisite is that it must be NOT a private but a publicly open account.


How Much Does Snoopreport Cost?

snoopreport pricing

In order to kick off the monitoring service, you can use one of three subscription packages, starting from as little as one month. The minimum duration will cost you $4.99 – it’s more suitable for you if you use a Snoopreport account for personal purposes, as you are limited to only two accounts. If your needs require more scope, you have options that cover 10 accounts for $14.99/month, say for small business needs, and 100 accounts for professionals for $44.99/month.


What contributes to the positive Snoopreport reviews and experience is the ability not to depend on the accessibility of, let’s say, your child’s gadget, whose Instagram activity you want to track. Also, Snoopreport does not care about the model of their smartphone and, in turn, this program is perfectly optimized for tracking both from a mobile browser and a desktop. However, you can only aim at public Instagram accounts.

Control panel

Snoopreport Dashboard

Even before purchasing a subscription, those interested can see what the dashboard will look like on the product website in the Report examples section. The dashboard is presented as a one-page report where you may review Snoopreport findings in a weekly span.

First, it outlines how frequent the activity of the Instagram user was during the week: data is displayed on the number of their likes and new subscriptions, as well as which user deserved the most of their likes. A little lower is a detailed breakdown of usernames and landed likes, then you come across usernames and links to new subscriptions of your target account. It is also possible to snoop into the most popular tags that were used in the media they liked.

If this or that username is no longer relevant to you, you may exclude it from the review of Snoopreport at any time through your dashboard.

What Can You See in a Snoopreport Review?

Now let’s get straight to the features of this activity tracker and accentuate its benefits.

Liked Posts 

Do you remember when you accidentally went to someone’s Instagram page and unexpectedly saw that your friend liked the post? Now you’ll be using a more professional way to learn of the interests of your family or target audience collected in one place so that you understand how best to cater to their tastes. It’s also a quick way to notice the alarming behavior of your child and analyze their hobbies, as by clicking on the post they like from the Snoopreport dashboard, you will see the page and its content.

Accounts They Mostly Interact with

As ordinary users, we sometimes like posts without even paying much attention to which page they belong to – while Snoopreport review allows you to determine at a glance what accounts a user has in clear favor. Since your selected accounts (if you opted for a subscription to track 10 or 100 usernames) have a certain interest for you, this way, you will find out what their moods resonate with and maybe even surprise them with your content by adding a little novelty to what they already like.

Most Important Hashtags in Snoopreport Reviews

Social media is essentially a limitless abyss of content, and to navigate through this often irrelevant array of data, hashtags are needed – short phrases mixed with emojis and numbers. Needless to say, having the most popular hashtags of a certain group of users in one place is very useful because, in this way, you know exactly how to promote your offer. Depending on your preferences, it is possible to arrange a Snoopreport review of hashtags as a list with the number of likes attributed to each or as a cloud.

Learn About Their True Interests from a Review of Snoopreport

This section determines and displays exactly the categories of interests of your selected group by performing constant Instagram monitoring. For example, this could be restaurants, personal blogs, healthy food, art, and so on. By getting hold of such info, you will be able to post more content on this topic, securing even more likes and comments and expanding your audience.

Pages Followed Lately

Who’s become an apple of their eye recently? It takes you to be their evident follower or have an eagle eye to tell who’s new on the list, but luckily you can have the job done for yourself. Even if you want to know about it as in detail as possible, for instance, seeing the exact time when they followed that account, Snoopreport review has you covered. Don’t forget to click on Show More to see the full list.

What Is Better Than Snoopreport?

In its niche, the app is quite exclusive, and as far as Snoopreport pricing is concerned, it is quite productive for its cost. Although it does not allow you to track private accounts as other products on the market do, this is its peculiarity – you get an effective tool while not breaking someone’s privacy and acting completely remotely. If you’re interested in these kinds of apps, check out Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and Sweeble.


Is Snoopreport Anonymous? Final Verdict

While you can be motivated by both business and personal goals to engage in social media monitoring, your activities will always remain known only to you. Think for yourself – you do not link your Instagram account in the process and can receive Snoopreport reviews on any public account without being registered on this social network at all.

Your benefit also lies in the fact that you will be informed on a regular basis with which pages the page or person interacts, from whom they receive likes and whom they like, what interests they have, and what hashtags should be used to cater to their preferences. Although the product is not likely to be suitable for comprehensive monitoring, it does an excellent job with the declared functions.

People also ask about Snoopreport


Is Snoopreport legit?

Yes, this is a fully working solution for Instagram monitoring that uses information from open sources. You will receive a Snoopreport review every seven days until you cancel your subscription or delete your dashboard account.

Is Snoopreport free?

No, Snoopreport is not a free app. Users who want to see the likes and interests of the account need to purchase a subscription for at least one month. Prices vary depending on the number of accounts you want to track.

Is Snoopreport safe?

Snoopreport can be called an absolutely safe product. It does not require any data from the user other than an email and a password for registration, and it runs completely anonymously and unnoticed.

Does Snoopreport make itself noticeable?

No, this activity tracker does not require any software to be installed or downloaded, and it simply works as a monitoring tool, of which there are hundreds and which are widely used by marketers, for example.

Is Snoopreport discreet?

Yes, Snoopreport is discreet and works on top of the Instagram network by simply collecting the necessary data from open sources. You will not be discredited in any way by using this app.

Does Snoopreport actually work?

As follows from Snoopreport reviews, users do not complain about the poor performance of the application. It turns out to be handy and can be used in a variety of use cases, both personal and for big or small business needs.

Does Snoopreport work on private accounts?

No, Snoopreport will be of little use when it comes to private accounts. In general, there is no way to monitor a private account just like a public one other than getting access to the wanted user’s device with Instagram or credentials to the Instagram account.


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Snoopreport Review: Target Your Instagram Audience Like a Pro
Snoopreport Review: Target Your Instagram Audience Like a Pro