pcTattletale Review: All Nitty-Gritty Details on the Spy App

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Nowadays, due to various purposes, many individuals, including suspicious spouses, worried parents, and careful employers, consult on hidden spy apps to get the lowdown on their partners, kids, and employees. However, tracking online fingerprints is not an easy task. This pcTattletale review highlights the essentials of a compact monitoring app that will be your best agent in revealing the truth.

What Is pcTattletale?

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pcTattletale is a functional Android spy app in 2023 that offers easy solutions with basic tools. Plus, Windows PC tracking is also available via discreet viewing.

With more than 15 years of experience in the spying industry, pcTattletale ensures a quality and safe user experience via reliable security systems, smooth data transfers, and remote monitoring services. It provides you with an account and dashboard where you can simultaneously keep up with the online activities of your loved ones or workers.

How Does pcTattletale Work?

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The logic behind the spy app is the same as other tracking apps that target the private phone information of the user. Once downloaded and installed on the aimed Android device or PC, the app initiates secret screen recording and hides in the OS. What’s different about the tracker is that you can track both smartphones and computers.

We will uncover all the rich features of spyware in this review. However, feel free to check other pcTattletale reviews that highlight the top-rated reputation of the spy app and decide for yourself.

pcTattletale Features Review

pcTattletale is a qualified monitoring app providing effective solutions for child monitoring, spouse spying, and employee activity tracking. You can safely prevent your loved ones from being exposed to harmful internet content and control their connections through your pcTattletale dashboard.

For more details, let us move on and figure out the best spying features of the Android spy app listed in the pcTattletale review.

Live Viewing

This feature is used to view and record all mobile or PC screen activities. It opens a window to the phone owner’s phone and shows you every website and platform visited and all calls and messages conducted.

Plus, browser activities in incognito mode are also monitored through the pcTattletale tracker, and video recording of the saved data is stored in the user account. What’s best is that all recorded videos can be saved on your personal device whenever you want.

Click Activity

As one of the best features of the tracker app, pcTattletale sends you detailed reports on the app usage, duration, frequency, and click numbers of the target device. Depicted with charts and graphs, all digital behaviors of your partner, kid, or employee are revealed on your screen.

The analytics show you when and how long an app was used and which sites and platforms were visited in which time frames. For a sneak peek into the feature, a free trial of 1-week monitoring is offered by the software.

Location Tracking

GPS tracking is an important spying service, especially for parental control when responsible parents demand the safety of their kids in and out of the schools. It is also very practical to track down your suspicious husband or wife who gave you a gut feeling that something is wrong. 

With pcTattletale location tracker, it is a piece of cake to pin down the coordinates of the target phone on the map and ease your mind. For computers, this feature is not necessary, but for Android devices, it ensures an accurate and real-time location service.


Keylogger provides you with all the hidden cell phone or PC data that is difficult to obtain. pcTattletale saves all keystrokes of the phone owner to catch the passwords and credentials used for their accounts and apps. While doing so, no pcTattletale detectable traces are left behind to reveal your anonymous spying act on the device.

pcTattletale Pros and Cons

Like in every spy app, several key aspects, such as the range of the services offered, ease of payment options, and supported devices, may define the overall performance of the product. To give you a clear sight of the monitoring app, here are the good and bad sides we collected in this pcTattletale review:

  • A 7-day free trial available on the first registration
  • 60-day money-back guarantee on all subscriptions
  • PC monitoring
  • No-root Android tracking
  • Spying in incognito mode
  • Downloadable video recordings
  • Efficient customer support
  • Bugs in Android spying features based on pcTattletale reviews
  • No monitoring services for iOS devices
  • Lacks extensive phone tracking features
  • No geofencing
  • High battery consumption

pcTattletale Compatibility

pcTattletale spy app is compatible with all Android smartphones on the market, Kindle, and Windows computers used by millions of people around the world. The installation processes are easy and quick for all devices, and similar affordable fees apply to all.

The spy app implements remote tracking on all Android versions from 5 to 12. For PC, you can snoop into Windows XP, Windows Vista, and all Windows versions from 7 to 10. Live viewing occurs via a mobile dashboard or through the desktop userspace. Unfortunately, the spying features of pcTattletale do not offer solutions for iOS users.

How to Install pcTattletale?

The monitoring software offers customers an easy installation process without complicated stages. Rooting is not necessary for tracking, and the set-up does not take more than 10 minutes. 

Mobile devices and computers may differ in some settings, and some tricks during the process can help you conduct efficient downloading and tracking. In this pcTattletale review, we will go through Android installation steps and examine various key settings important for the successful implementation of the spy app.

  1. Visit pcTattletale official website and select “Add to Cart”.
  2. Choose your subscription plan and proceed to checkout.
  3. Choose your payment method and click on “Buy Now”.
  4. Create your pcTattletale account with a username and password.
  5. Add a device; choose Android or Kindle.
  6. Choose how to install pcTattletale: “With Computer” or “Without Computer”. If you want to monitor the target device via your computer and mobile dashboard, pick up “With Computer” and complete the set-up steps. Now, we will proceed by choosing “Without Computer”.
  7. Copy the link provided and text or email it to the target phone.
  8. Access the aimed device and click on the link. Downloading will start automatically.
  9. Initiate pcTattletale installation by clicking on “Install”.
  10. Grant necessary permissions requested.
  11. Click on “Start Recording” and let the app run in stealth mode.
  12. Go to the website and click on “Sign in”. Log in to your account and access pcTattletale dashboard to monitor the activities.

Key settings of pcTattletale Installation

  • Disable Google Play Protect before the installation
  • Allow pcTattletale to use the mobile data network of the phone
  • Dismiss the battery optimization window appearing on the setup process
  • Make sure you granted all necessary permissions shown on the final screen before clicking on “Start Recording”

To enter your mobile userspace, proceed with pcTattletale login and check out the online and offline phone activities of your spouse, child, or employee without leaving detectable traces behind.

pcTattletale Pricing

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At the time of writing this pcTattletale review, the storage capacity and the number of devices determined the pcTattletale cost. Three annual subscription packages are offered: Family, Family Plus, and Business, and each come with different features and monthly fees. The number of mobile phones and computers you can monitor is set by the plans; however, more devices can be tracked with an additional fee. Here are the details:

 Family Plan

  • 3 devices for $99.00 per month
  • Each new device costs an extra $33.00
  • Phone data stored for 7 days

Family Plus Plan

  • 3 devices for $147.00 per month
  • $49.00 fee for a new phone or PC
  • Data recorded for 1 month

Business Plan

  • 3 devices for $297 per month
  • Another target device costs $99.00
  • Data history remains for 1 year

pcTattletale offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and provides refunds for customers who are not satisfied with the services provided within the first two months. Moreover, a 7-day free trial awaits users for a comprehensive test drive on their phones and computers.

mSpy: The Best pcTattletale Alternative

Considering the limitations of the spy app investigated in this pcTattletale review, you may need a more comprehensible phone tracker that serves your interests. In this regard, the mSpy spyware tool promoting a wide range of monitoring services for both Android and iPhone may help you find what you need. Here are the details:

  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • No root/jailbreak installation, but it may be required for some features
  • All-in-one userspace
  • Keyword alerts for harmful content entries
  • App blocking and controlling
  • Spying on call logs, contacts, SMS messages, private chats, and emails
  • Full access to social media accounts and instant messaging apps
  • Tracking web history and Wi-Fi connections
  • Real-time GPS tracking


Is pcTattletale detectable?

No. There is no way your monitored partner, kid, or employee can spot the spy app on their Android phone or PC. pcTattletale runs in full stealth mode, and even checking the app list from phone settings does not reveal the spy work.

Is pcTattletale legit?

Yes. Like other reliable monitoring apps available on the market, pcTattletale is a licensed spy app offering secure and accurate live tracking on Android devices and computers. Due to the nature of the app as a discrete tracking tool, some mobile security systems like Google Play Protect may attempt to block it. However, these scans are normal and pcTattletale installation does not carry any risks for your cell phone.

Does pcTattletale require rooting?

No. pcTattletale spy app does not require any rooting on the target Android device. You can check pcTattletale work performance via a quick pcTattletale free trial account or follow the easy installation steps and start spying at full capacity.


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pcTattletale Review: All Nitty-Gritty Details on the Spy App
pcTattletale Review: All Nitty-Gritty Details on the Spy App