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In today’s world, you never know who your kids are talking to when making Internet friends. Unfortunately, some of them may want to take advantage of your offspring. Not only that, but your kid can claim they’re at their friend’s house when they’re in a place they’re not supposed to be.

Because of this, you need a parental control app that can keep them safe. The world of modern technology does not stand still and offers new solutions daily. Many spy apps are on the market today, so it can be challenging to choose one. That’s why we’re reviewing one of the most popular parental control apps: mSpy. It’s been a trusted app for many parents, but you may be skeptical if you’re a parent.

Does mSpy work? Can it help keep your child safe? Is it affordable and has enough features to warrant the subscription? You have questions, and we have answers. So let’s look at mSpy and see what it does.

mSpy overview

What is the mSpy App, and How Does it Work?

This app, suitable for iOS and Android devices, is designed to spy on a target device once installed. When you visit the mSpy website, you will learn more about its features to choose the most appropriate subscription plan. Once you’ve paid for that, you’ll be guided by an installation wizard. After installation, log onto the website to view your target phone’s activities.

The mSpy tracking app has a dashboard that will let the user know if there has been significant phone activity from their target. With it, you won’t miss a single notification.

Most people will use mSpy to monitor their children’s text messages, phone calls, social media, and other activities. However, others may use it to monitor their employees, and some may use it to see if their spouse is cheating. Either way, the app is invisible, meaning the target will not know their phone is bugged. So if you ask, “Does mSpy notify the target phone?” you have the answer.

Now that you have the basic idea, let’s look at the mSpy pros and cons. Like any app, it has a lot of good, but a couple of drawbacks you must be aware of.


mSpy pros
  • Many features can track your target and alert you of their activities.
  • Customer support is 24/7.
  • Versions for Android and iOS.
  • Many plans to choose from, meaning that’s the best for your needs is easy.
  • Simple to install and use.
mSpy cons
  • Only one phone can be tracked per subscription.

mSpy pricing

How Much Does mSpy Cost?

When choosing mSpy, one thing that may make or break your decision to choose it is its price. It offers different pricing and payment plans, meaning you may choose what’s best for your needs and budget.

mSpy Full Pack Subscription

Subscribing for a longer period allows for saving more.

  • 1 month: $48.99
  • 3 months: $28.00/month
  • 12 months: $11.67/month

mSpy Family Kit

mSpy Family Kit allows tracking up to 3 kids at the same time and costs as follows, with the discount included:

  • $221.89 for 6 months ($36.98 per month)
  • $295.39 for 12 months ($24.62 per month)

Contact customer support to get the discount.

Does mSpy Have a Free Trial?

Initially, mSpy had a 7-day free trial so that you could try out the app before you commit to a purchase. However, as of this writing, mSpy does not offer a free trial due to the vague reason that they’re “reached the limit of free trial requests.” While this answer may disappoint some, they offer your first month 30% off to compensate.

Money Back Guarantee

While the mSpy app does not offer a free trial, there is some peace of mind with its 14-day money-back guarantee. In addition, if a mSpy customer is unsatisfied with their order, they can request a refund. A lengthy refund policy explains who is and isn’t eligible for a refund, so read that before you make a refund request.

Benefits of using mSpy app

mSpy Software Feature List

The mSpy app has various phone tracking features, including location tracking, GPS tracking, messaging apps monitoring, a screen recorder, and much more. This section will give you a comprehensive list of all the features that mSpy offers and explain why they’re vital if you’re trying to monitor your children. Be calm about their online activities and outdoor ones. 

mSpy App Call History

This app lets you see who your target was calling, when, and for how long. While it cannot track phone conversations through recording, knowing the call history should give you an idea of who your child is speaking to. If you suspect they’re calling someone you believe is up to no good, you can know what number they’re calling and at what time. Get the info about outgoing and incoming calls.

SMS Checking

Of course, most teens send text messages more commonly than calls. The mSpy app gives you a comprehensive list of who your teen is texting and gives you a log of their texts and accompanying photos. Even if your teen deletes the photos, the dashboard keeps them archived. Peer at their conversations to ensure they are appropriate and step in should your teen be texting someone dangerous. Keep the finger on the pulse of all risks. 

GPS Tracking Is an Important mSpy Feature

GPS tracking shows your target’s physical location. Through GPS maps, you see their real-time location and know if they’re in a safe area or if they’re really where they say they are. mSpy’s geo-fencing also lets you set boundaries on the map and will alert you should your child cross them. It also makes it easy to keep location tracking open. Check all the whereabouts of the person needed. 

Another mSpy App Feature: Photos and Video Viewing

Your child’s gallery can tell you what they’re taking pictures and videos of or downloading. You want to ensure that your offspring is engaging in appropriate behavior and see what’s in their photo gallery to keep them safe. You may even access the photos and videos should they be deleted, meaning you have a record if your child decides to clear up some space. Find the deleted images, no matter how long ago they were removed. 

Monitor Internet Activity

Your kid uses their phones for surfing the Internet, and even if you believe you have an idea of what websites they’re on, your offspring can still go on inappropriate websites or websites where predators lurk. Even with incognito browsing, mSpy manages to track what your child is doing. It’s a better alternative than reviewing their search history and trying to piece together their activities. See all the deleted history of the digital places visited. 

Monitor Contacts List

When you download mSpy, you view their contacts list and receive alerts when one is added. You can do so on their phone and other instant messaging apps such as Snapchat, Discord, and much more. After all, your teen may not use the phone’s SMS and MMS messaging to speak to people. Often, they use other apps, where predators may be lurking. So keep them safe through this feature.

Another mSpy Feature: Reviewing Contacts

Besides monitoring their contact list, installing mSpy means you may always have a comprehensive list of all your child’s contacts here. In the same way, you will be able to identify suspicious contacts and affect the situation in time. Learn more about the contacts and determine whether they are safe. If you’re ready to keep your kids safe, we recommend always using this key feature for the best results. You won’t regret it at all.

Get the Access to the Emails’ Reading

Another one of the main mSpy features is the ability to read emails. Some people may believe that emails are not used nowadays, instead believing kids use social media. However, some kids may use email because it feels less watched nowadays. Therefore, mSpy works to help you see emails and their contents, such as multimedia files. Of course, you archive deleted messages if your kid cleans up their mailbox.

Keyword Alerts

This feature makes mSpy worth it. Set up alerts if your kid types specific keywords or phrases. For example, if they write the word “porn,” you will receive an alert and can see what they are doing. This way, you don’t have to comb through all their messages but receive an alert whenever your child types something inappropriate for their eyes. You’ll agree that it is a useful feature enough to prevent inappropriate content in time. 

Block Apps & Websites

The mSpy phone tracker also allows blocking certain websites for your child. So, for example, you may block them from using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger while they still have homework and block adult websites at all times. This will help the child focus on the right work. While many parental control apps have this, the mSpy software allows for much control compared to what’s built into your iOS or Android phone.

Block Incoming Calls

Another feature that makes the mSpy app legit is the ability to block any calls received. You can make it so that specific people cannot call your kid or block all incoming calls altogether. This can be an excellent way to prevent your child from becoming distracted when they have homework to do, and it can be a way for you to ground them. In addition, it can prevent spam calls.

Blocking All Phone Calls

Besides incoming calls, it is possible to block calls in general. Again, this feature may be used if your child needs to get some homework done or as a way for you to punish them. You will time how long they’re blocked from calling. Ideally, you’ll want them to call if they’re out and about, so ensure your settings reflect this. Of course, this will prevent calls from any particular contact. Set them according to your needs.

Read Instant Messages

Another vital feature is the possibility to read messages from different apps. WhatsApp messages, Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger chats, and even secret conversations are available for viewing in real time. Even if these messages are deleted, mSpy preserves them so that you see them whenever possible. Also, see the photos in the DMs, meaning you will get the full context of what your kids are sending each other.

Keylogger – Catch any Word Typed

Another feature that can monitor your kids is a keylogger. This records every keystroke your kid makes, meaning you’ll archive their login information, what messages they’ve been typing, messages they’ve thought about typing yet ultimately deleted, and more.

A keylogger can help ensure you leave no stone unturned when you monitor your children. Combined with the keyword alert, this feature can be powerful. By the way, this way, you will track all passwords used. 

Other Features

So, what other features does mSpy offer? Quite a few were not described in our mSpy app review. One example is its screen recorder feature. You will always be sent what your child is doing on their screen. Another feature is the ability for remote installation on iCloud. While Android has yet to have this feature, install it on an iPhone without touching it, as long as you know their login credentials.

Of course, mSpy has many other features, and they are constantly adding new perks as well. When you install mSpy, you’re getting a program that consistently updates and tries to add new features. Since phones are constantly updating and there are always new apps, mSpy strives to be evergreen with its approach.

If you want to see their complete list of features, check out the mSpy website, Obtain a complete mSpy feature list and determine if this app suits you. Overall, this is an excellent solution for accessing information from another device. Now that you’ve read this review of mSpy, let’s look at how you can install the app without any hassle.

How to use mSpy

Using mSpy: What to Begin with?

Using mSpy is simple, but it’s still possible for you not to know how to use it. So here is a quick guide on how you’ll start using mSpy.

Pick a Subscription

Based on your needs and budget. Buying more months costs less over time, but it’s also wise to get one month to see if you like it.

Enter Payment Data Required

Please choose a payment method and enter the required details. Once it’s been confirmed, you can then begin the installation. If incorrect, re-enter.

Install mSpy on Your Child’s Device

Finally, choose the device you want mSpy to be installed on. Remember, if you’re installing it on an iPhone, install it remotely via iCloud. You’ll be guided by an installation wizard, and in case you run into trouble, contact 24/7 customer support.

Start Monitoring Process

Finally, log into mSpy and begin monitoring. The software makes it simple to tailor notifications and focus on what you want to be monitored, so experiment with it a little.

mSpy Dashboard – All Reports in One Place

What makes this app so unique is the mSpy control panel. Once you log in via the mSpy website, you have a comprehensive list of activities your target device is doing. In addition, the mSpy dashboard is comprehensive, offering detailed reports and letting you customize according to your whim.

The mSpy control panel combines advanced features with simplicity. You should not feel confused by what the mSpy dashboard has, yet when you use it more, you can customize it according to advanced needs. It can turn someone who knows little about tech into a whiz. For this reason, we love the mSpy dashboard.

mSpy compatibility

What Devices IS the mSpy Platform Compatible With?

mSpy offers compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Let’s look at the compatibility mSpy offers.


  • mSpy works on Android version 4 and above


  • For a non-jailbroken phone, mSpy works on all versions of iOS
  • For a jailbroken phone, it works on iOS 11 to 14.8.1

Bottom line

mSpy Review Conclusion

Now we come to the close of this mSpy review. As you may see, mSpy is a robust app that can keep your kids safe and help you watch them from afar. It has many unique features, all of which come at an affordable price. While there are many spy apps you choose from, there’s a reason why many parents trust mSpy.

With so many mSpy reviews, we’re glad you took the time to read ours. Now that you’re done, try the app and see if it’s for you.

9.9Expert Score
Best Choice

Ease of use
Value for money

People also ask about mSpy

Frequently Asked Questions

What apps can mSpy see?

mSpy can see all commonly used apps, including Snapchat, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, and much more. The list of social messengers tracked is different for Android and iOS, so do research prior to ensure it suits your needs.

Yes, the app is legal to download and use. If you’re installing it on your minor child’s phone or a consensual work phone, it’s also legal. However, it can be tricky when you’re using it to spy on a cheating spouse. So please, look at your local laws.

Is mSpy safe?

Yes, mSpy is safe to use. No one will know that it is installed on their phone, and it will never use personal data for illegal purposes. So if you’re looking for an app that will keep your secrets safe as you spy, it is mSpy.

Is mSpy completely hidden?

Yes! mSpy remains hidden in the background at all times. This way, your target will not know that they have a spy app on it. In addition, there is no app icon in the background, meaning they will not delete it.

How does mSpy show on the target phone?

It does not show itself at all. Besides being invisible, it uses very little data and battery life. Older spy apps could slow down a phone, making the user suspicious. Meanwhile, mSpy is entirely invisible. So, the person needed won’t even know you monitor them.

Does mSpy track a phone with an off location?

With mSpy, you may keep the location on and even track despite the target thinking the location is turned off. If the signal is weak, then mSpy will use the CELLiD method of locating the target phone: method, which approximates the target’s location by using information from the surrounding cell towers. In addition, the app will give you a detailed report on what the phone is doing and where it is.

How does mSpy work on Android?

It works with Android versions 4 and above. Sadly, you cannot install it remotely. However, it tracks every aspect of your target’s Android, meaning you will always be in the know.

How does mSpy work on an iPhone?

mSpy works on all versions of iPhone or specific versions if it’s jailbroken. In addition, it is possible to install the app remotely via iCloud. In the case of iOS target gadgets, it won’t take any problem to start usage remotely.


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