How to Find Someone’s Location by Phone Number: Quick and Safe Ways

Number tracking is a relatively new approach to mobile device monitoring that has emerged and rapidly developed in recent years. A typical number tracker aims to rid itself of the limitations inherent in the previous generation of spy tools that required installing them but presents several challenges of its own. In this article, we shall brief you on how to find someone’s location by cell phone number, as exemplified by several proven location tracker apps.

1. Use GEOfinder to Track Someone by Phone Number

geofinder main is an online cell phone number GPS tracker that reworks old phishing strategies into imposing results. At the core of the app lies an anonymous SMS engine that allows you to type any text message and then send it to someone’s phone along with a link that is actually a GPS sharing request in disguise. Hence, to track someone by phone number with you must make sure they are tempted to click that link from an SMS out of nowhere, so put some effort into thinking of a truly compelling text.

Advantages of GEOfinder

  • Complete confidentiality;
  • Free-trial;
  • 2-week Money Back Guarantee;
  • Real-time cell phone GPS monitoring;
  • Doesn’t require any target device manipulations;
  • $39.99 monthly subscription with unlimited SMS;
  • No regional restrictions, works literally worldwide;
  • Additional features like VPN Checker and reverse phone lookup;
  • Does not depend on the mobile operator or the type of network.

Disadvantages of GEOfinder

  • Email is the only way to reach client support;
  • Number location depends on how convincing your message is.

Steps to Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number Using GEOfinder

  • Step 1: Create an account by typing in the phone number you’d like to track into the box that says ‘Enter phone’, then click ‘Find’.
  • Step 2:  Wait until the phone tracker is done with the animations that represent the searching process – you will be automatically redirected to the Sign Up page.
  • Step 3: Provide your preferred payment method credentials and buy a monthly subscription (no other options are available at the moment);
  • Step 4: Upon purchase, you will be taken back to the search page – now it’s time to pin down that target phone for real;
  • Step 5: When prompted, write the message you think the recipient is likely to consider. Neglect at this point may lead to underwhelming results.

2. Use uMobix to Track Someone by Phone Number

uMobix location tracker

uMobix phone tracker belongs to an entirely different category of apps that aim to provide unlimited access to all the data stored on the target phone. From online activity to instant messenger chats and posts on social media, uMobix can pull that off perfectly on the condition that you can sneak its sender utility onto the device of interest. 

A little while ago, the app’s developers expanded its already unrivaled tool set with the ability to track someone’s location with a phone number the exact same way you’d do with GEOfinder. This means you can simply install it on a cell phone and thus skip the often impossible condition of manipulating someone else’s device.

Steps to Track Someone with Phone Number Using uMobix

  • Step 1: Click the ‘Try Now’ button on the site’s main page – this will initiate the account creation procedure.
  • Step 2: Provide your email, choose between iOS and Android (irrelevant if you only plan to track phone number locations), pick a subscription tier of the three available, and purchase the license;
  • Step 3: The link in the confirmation message in your email will take you to the installation wizard page. Follow its instructions to a tee, or else you may end up with a non-functional app.
  • Step 4: From the sidebar of your browser dashboard, choose the GEOfinder feature, then enter the number and message text in the corresponding fields to send a request to share the phone’s location. 

3. Use to Track Someone by Number offers probably the most elegant solution to the question of how to find location by phone number. If you and your target habitually share images in messengers or socials, they won’t suspect a thing if your next picture comes with a masked sharing link and a gentle nudge to click it. This is exactly how this app works – to track phone location, you must submit any image to the website and get it back with a GPS request. 

Steps to Track Someone With Phone Number Using

  • Step 1: On the site’s main page, find and press the ‘Get started’ button;
  • Step 2: Use your active email to create an account;
  • Step 3:  Choose between the monthly and the annual subscription;
  • Step 4: Purchase the license and wait for the confirmation email;
  • Step 5: Log into your account and prepare to track location of the coveted phone by uploading the image and then sending the generating link to the target number.

What Technology Enables Tracking of a Cell Phone by Using the Phone Number?

If you’re wondering how web-based tracking software manages to procure the exact location of the device, consider the steps involved in each guide for the apps above. Besides the standard GPS connection protocol, no additional technologies are required, as the target unknowingly consents to sharing their phone location data. The coordinates are then picked up by the tracking app algorithms, and voila – you see the coveted dot on the map.

Are There Any Free Phone Number Location Tracking Services Like

You may be tempted to figure out how to track someone’s location with a phone number and without any expenses, and, in that case, we must warn you that this is simply not possible (unless the software offers a free trial). Cell phone tracker apps are no charity and require considerable production and maintenance costs. This can only mean every site that offers to track phone number locations and asks for nothing in return is a flagrant scam. You can only hope it doesn’t steal any of your personal data – just the ad revenue from your visit.

Ways of Tracking a Cell Phone’s GPS Location for Free

Even though free-of-charge spy apps don’t exist, that shouldn’t discourage you from exploring other tools capable of phone tracking – especially those provided by globally renowned corporations for free. With a proper approach, you may indeed track someone’s device gratis, but remember that such software is intended for personal use and relies on formidable security measures.

Google Maps

Location sharing in Google Maps won’t cost you a penny and is probably your best bet if you need a safe substitution for parental control apps. The feature can be activated from the device’s contact list – by granting permission, you consent to send your GPS tracking data to select persons, and the phone will habitually remind you of that via notifications. As you already see, this method can’t match any phone number tracking service, as it offers no confidentiality.

Apple Find My

Find My is Apple’s stock proprietary software designed to help you keep track of your iPhone and any other iOS devices you might own. At first glance, it has everything to become a free alternative to spy apps – Apple even claims they can achieve better location tracking accuracy than regular GPS modules owing to know-how solutions. However, gaining access to this data is only possible via the user’s Apple account – be prepared to not just lure out the owner’s login credentials but also pass the two-step authentication. Also, you may try Family Sharing Apple ID to know the whereabouts of each other if you are a couple, for example.

Google Find My Device

Find My Device for Android is no less powerful in terms of functionality, especially considering it uses Google Maps for navigation. Unfortunately, when it comes to establishing a live location, it has the same problem – you’ll need to somehow break into the owner’s Google account first. With the existing security measures and alerts, this method presents too many obstacles compared to using a phone number tracking app.

Phone Tracking App FAQs

How do I track someone’s location using their mobile phone number without raising suspicion?

When using GEOfinder’s SMS-based number location, we strongly recommend that you take your time with constructing a persuasive message. From our experience, people are most likely to fall for promos of their favorite shopping and entertainment venues. Get yourself a fresh example of such a promo, then imitate it to mask your GPS location request properly.

Is there any phone location tracking software that relies on IMEI?

IMEI trackers are a thing, but their long list of shortcomings renders this method effectively useless. Firstly, obtaining the phone’s identification code requires you to manipulate the device. Secondly, even if you get the IMEI, location tracking results may prove disappointing, as the technology it is based on wasn’t designed for precision. At best, you will establish someone’s location within a radius of one mile.

Is tracking a cell phone’s GPS location possible if I don’t have physical access to their device?

Absolutely. The whole point of number-based tracking apps is the ability to circumvent this limitation. You may not be able to access the contents of the owner’s phone without planting a monitoring applet into it, but procuring GPS data using any of the methods described in the article is easy.


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