How Your Car Can Be Tracked Without GPS Tracker: Simple Ways to Get Accurate Real-Time Location

If you need precise and continuous vehicle tracking, GPS-based tracking devices are the most effective and reliable option. Tracking a car without a GPS tracker may be quite tricky. However, it’s still possible to track a car’s location online using other devices and specific tools. Or even track someone’s car without them knowing.

Can You Track a Car Without a Tracker?

Tracking a car without a GPS tracker can be challenging but still possible. There are certain methods and apps that can help you locate a car without relying on GPS. It’s important to keep in mind that these might not provide as accurate real-time tracking or the same level of accuracy as GPS trackers.

There may be various reasons why you would want to track the real-time location of your car: to locate it quickly if it got stolen, for various safety purposes of your loved ones, to track your child’s driving, etc. No matter what your reasoning behind car tracking is, there is a solution that would help you track your spouse or partner’s car without a GPS tracker.

How to Track a Car Without GPS Tracker?

Tracking a vehicle is quite simple with a GPS device. Still, it’s not the only known way to do it. Here are other methods to use if you want to track your or someone else’s car without a tracker.

1. Track the Real-Time Location of the Car Using Spyware

Without the intended person being aware, you may simply follow their location using a spy app. All you have to do is install the software on their device and then remotely access your account to track the real-time location of their vehicle.

You can use apps like uMobix or GEOfinder, which provide advanced location-tracking functionality. You will get access to dashboards, where you easily track the real-time location of your target phone in Google Maps and see the history of places they visited.


location tracker uMobix

uMobix is designed to track smartphone activity, especially a person’s activity on social media platforms. However, it may also be used if you need to find out how to track a car without GPS tracker. With advanced features of uMobix, you can get users’ accurate real-time location as well as the history of their last visited places. uMobix may require 10 minutes of your time for the registration and installation process, and eventually, you get an advanced phone tracking functionality that goes beyond location just for $49.99 per month.


geofinder main

At the same time, GEOfinder allows you to send customized text messages or images with a tracking URL attached, so when opened, it grants you access to the target person’s whereabouts. All you need to have is a phone number. It’s completely anonymous without the need to install any apps on a person’s phone. This app is specifically designed to anonymously track the location of the person’s phone and get data on VPN connections, current WiFi network connected, or SIM carrier lookup. It can also be downloaded from Google Play and App Store and costs $9.99/week.

These are two different spy apps that are suitable for tracking phones but not cars. However, assuming that the person using the vehicle has their phone at the time, you will track your or someone else’s car in real time.

2. SIM-Based Tracking to Locate a Stolen Car

track a vehicle with sim card

If acquiring a GPS device is not an option, consider SIM-based tracking as an alternative method to monitor your car’s location. One approach is to utilize an old phone with a SIM card installed discreetly placed inside your vehicle to avoid detection by potential thieves.

To enable tracking, install a tracking app on the phone. In the unfortunate event of your car being stolen, it will allow you to track its whereabouts using the SIM card’s connection. Consequently, it allows one to track a car location without a GPS device by only using a SIM tracker and have a piece of mind.

Moreover, if your phone is equipped with a SIM card, you can also collaborate with the police to track your phone and consequently locate your car through its IMEI number. This will only work as long as a SIM card remains active on the device.

3. Tracking a Car Without a GPS Tracker by Using Car Number

track a car by number plate

It’s challenging to track a car’s location solely by using its car number (license plate number) without a GPS tracker or other tracking technology installed inside the vehicle.

License plate numbers are primarily used for identification and registration purposes, and they are not directly linked to any tracking systems that may be accessed by the general public. Police and local authorities may have databases that link license plate numbers to ownership information, and this information can’t be used for real-time tracking. If you still want to give it a shot, you need to obtain access to all the CCTVs of your city and employ text recognition software that will aid you in tracking the car by identifying its license number.

4. Tracking a Vehicle’s Live Location by FASTag or Electronic Toll Collection System

The location of the car can be tracked with FASTag or ETC system through toll plazas. FASTag is an electronic toll collection system used in many countries. While it’s not specifically designed for real-time vehicle tracking, the data collected through FASTag transactions can be used to estimate a vehicle’s location.

To do this, you would need to go to the FASTag or ETC system account linked to the specific car you intend to track. It is possible to access the account online using your phone or laptop from your default browser. As you log in, you may view the most recent details, such as toll charges, location, and more.

How to Track My Car Without GPS? Final Verdict

As you see, it’s possible to track your vehicle without purchasing a GPS tracker but by using SIM-tracking or advanced spy apps (apart from other methods that require tech-savvy skills),  which have proved to be the most effective and straightforward location-tracking methods.


Can I use a phone to track my car?

Yes, you may use a phone to track your car’s location. And it doesn’t matter what smartphone you have, Android or iOS, as specific solutions described in this article work on all devices and operating systems, such as GEOfinder, accessible online in any browser and offering a mobile app in Google Play and App Store.

Can I track a car by number plate?

It’s possible to track a car by its number plate; however, this option may not be available to the general public as it requires access to CCTV in your area and image recognition software. If you need to track a vehicle due to theft or other suspicious activities, it’s worth reporting this incident to the appropriate authorities, so they can check in their systems where the car has been spotted most recently.

Can I track someone’s car without them knowing?

Yes, it’s possible to track someone’s car without them knowing by using GPS trackers, AirTags (hidden under the seat, for example), or mobile apps that have to be preinstalled on the target device. The latter work in stealth mode and are undetectable. If need be, you are able to track your spouse’s car without them knowing and keep peace of mind staying abreast of their whereabouts.


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