How to Monitor Someone’s Texts for Free with Just a Cell Phone Number?

You might have heard of the increasing use of various software and programs for spying purposes. Some of us have a negative attitude towards such ways to read text messages on other phones, while for many people, the end justifies the means in a long-term perspective.

Nowadays, people use mobile phones almost everywhere and for any possible reason. Even children grow up with mobile devices in their hands. No doubt, parents sometimes need to read text messages of their offspring to ensure they are safe and don’t hide their problems. Spouses need to know their beloved partners don’t cheat, while employees might need to check whether their workers do the job well.

We will put you in the picture regarding the most appropriate methods to monitor someone’s texts.

Stay Away from Online Scam Solutions on How to Intercept Text Messages Without a Target Phone

It’s not a secret that more and more people want to know how to spy on SMS without access to target phone. Demands create their supply. That is why new spying techniques are appearing on the Internet. You may notice various websites offering dozens of solutions for those who want to learn how to intercept text messages from another phone for free.

Unfortunately, many of them are scams. Various apps claim to spy on a targeted phone without accessing the device. The truth is: a few apps are capable of doing that. Don’t get fooled into buying these apps, especially those that don’t provide a free trial or demo version. A guaranteed money refund will be a plus as well. The price for these scam services is low, and customers may take losing money for granted.

One of the ways to check another person’s text messages is to install spy software on their phone or have their iCloud credentials. To make this possible, you need physical access to the device. Unless you don’t have login credentials for the target device or its phone number, you may not install the spy app. You may fail the two-factor authentication. As simple as that.

The installation can take up to 5 minutes, and the program is invisible to the phone owner. Thanks to it, we can freely read SMS or text messages from the target phone.

One more thing that may help you avoid scam solutions is to pay attention to the app’s price. Reliable spying apps are hardly ever free. Although they offer multiple subscription plans, you may choose the one that suits you best.

Going further in the article, we will elaborate on how to spy on the text messages without the target phone, as this option is also available in legitimate monitoring software.

How to Monitor Text Messages Without Access to Target Phone

Let’s admit that we all want to read someone’s text message without access to their phone. It may seem like reading someone’s mind. With the development of technology, it becomes possible to get text messages from another phone remotely.

Various modern spying apps may help you read someone’s text messages without access to the target phone or owner’s knowledge.

Installing reliable spying software is one of the best ways to monitor someone’s text messages without physical access to their phone. However, there is a possibility to track text messages without access to a targeted device, knowing iCloud credentials or the phone number.

If you want to track an iPhone, all you need to know in advance is the credentials of the iCloud account linked to the target device. The SMS tracker will automatically synchronize all details from the target phone to the app’s dashboard without access to the target phone. Noticeably, one might need a targeted phone number to track an Android phone without direct access.

Some apps possess a geofinder feature, to activate which, one has to send a link to the targeted phone. Once the person clicks the link, the spyware gets activated. And you get unlimited access to text messages on a target phone. Several apps offer this service. However, it is essential to choose reliable and legitimate ones.

How to Choose the Right Spy App to Track SMS and Text

As we previously mentioned in the article, the number of spying software has increased drastically. It is getting challenging to choose the most optimal phone tracking app. We want to outline the main features you should consider while picking the SMS and text tracker app to spy on a phone with just the number.

  • Compatibility is the first thing to consider when choosing a text monitoring app. Whether you want to spy on an Android smartphone’s SMS history or to check the recent messages on your beloved partner’s iPhone, compatibility is the key to spying art.
  • Check out what features a particular app provides. The spying app doesn’t have to send you to the moon if your main goal is intercepting text messages without a target phone. Ensure that the required feature is available within the app’s feature list.
  • Reliability is important. Please be careful before choosing a spying app. The Internet is full of scam apps that aim to empty your pocket without a blink. Read the opinions and reviews. Go to the official apps’ websites to get familiar with the features, prices, and potential perks of using this or that tracking app.
  • Check the price in advance. Make sure to check how much a tracker app costs. Remember that the majority of good quality, reliable apps are not free. However, some of them offer free trials. It’s an alternative option for those who need more time to choose the tracking method.
  • The dashboard and user interface should be your friends, not your worst enemies. They should be user-friendly and intuitive. Their goal is to make you travel light through the tracking journey.
  • Setting up rules is last but not least. Read them carefully. Following the setup rules might simplify your spying experience for sure.

Read Text Messages on Other Phones with uMobix

We can’t think of a better text tracker solution than uMobix. It has a perfect combination of all the required features and perks. You may ask: why should I choose uMobix among dozens of other text trackers? We are thrilled to answer this question.

uMobix is a mobile phone tracking software application working on smartphones and tablets. With its help, you may track text messages and almost every activity of the targeted device. The app is compatible with many platforms, including Android phones and iPhones (syncing the software is possible remotely via iCloud).

The way this particular mobile device monitoring solution works is quite simple. When you buy uMobix online, you are asked to create an account with a username and password of your choice. You can then log into this account from any Internet-connected device, wherever you are, to monitor the activity of the tracked phone.  The app also guarantees a full refund of the price paid for the plan within 14 days.

The unique feature of uMobix is the keylogger, which can report everything a targeted person types on a monitored phone or tablet. uMobix monitors emails, SMS and text messages, and messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, iMessage, Snapchat, or Skype. The keylogger records all login details and passwords. It sounds like a powerful feature, doesn’t it?

In addition, uMobix offers the geofinder feature, which works this way: you send a link to the targeted phone (note, you need to know the required phone number). In this case, no installation is required. You just need the other person to click on that link. Afterward, you will have access to their location.

The tracking app offers complete privacy, meaning you have no reasons to worry about your data as everything is secure. Moreover,  24/7 support is available for you at any time. Spying on text is simple as that.

What Should You Take Into Account Before Installing Spy Apps?

The compatibility feature is the first thing you should check before installing a spy app. This information is also available on the official website. Thanks to uMobix, there is a possibility to spy on an Android phone without access as well as on iPhone ones. Please note that uMobix doesn’t necessitate rooting or jailbreaking of a target device. Dozens of features are available on uMobix. Open them and enjoy!

Read carefully the instructions on how to use the tracking app. Many of them require physical access to the phone. You should follow the strictly outlined setup rules. Please don’t ignore them. The more you learn about the spy app and its compatibility, the better your user experience will be and the more tracking goals you will fulfill. Nothing is more irritating than trying to use something you don’t understand.

Try to stay away from completely free spying apps. In general, they don’t do what they promise to or give quite a limited list of features. Instead, many reliable tracking apps offer a free trial, money refund, or affordable prices for subscription plans.

Another factor to consider is ensuring that the chosen spying app offers responsive customer support. It is a lifesaver if something goes wrong with a user’s experience or a user gets lost in the ocean of monitoring features this or that app offers.

Lastly, all previously mentioned ideas one can not implement if there is no access to the Internet. Thus, there should be an internet connection, both on your and the targeted device.

What Type of Text Messages Will Tracking Apps Allow You to Read?

Modern tracking apps allow you to get access to the most wanted information from the target device, such as reading emails, texts, or even Google Hangout chats. Famous social media chats will be at your disposition as well. You might get access to WhatsApp messages, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, Telegram, or even Tinder.

Modern cell phone trackers use advanced SMS interception technology, allowing you to access messages and other details about your target device anytime and anywhere from your external control panel. Moreover, one can read even recently deleted text messages. Here is the list of things one can do with the help of a phone tracker:

  • Track text messages, web activity, and emails;
  • Read even deleted SMS;
  • Watch GPS location;
  • Monitor someone’s texts without direct access;

Since spy software uses the latest phone spying technology to track targeted mobile devices securely, you can be sure you will remain undetected. It is possible to safely monitor SMS using one of the most advanced tracking technologies available on the market, which is invisible on the monitored device. Log in using a web browser to the official website chosen. It will allow you to instantly watch the texts sent straight to your SMS spy online dashboard.


How to intercept text messages without installing software on a target phone? 

There are available options for those who want to spy on SMS without installing software. If the targeted device is an iPhone, you should have an iCloud login and a password to track it. Noticeably, you might need to install spy software to read text messages or SMS on Android. It’s up to you which tracking approach suits you most.

Is it possible to monitor someone’s phone with just the number?

Yes, it is possible to spy on a phone with just a number, but make sure your chosen app offers such a feature. The idea of this tracking method is that you will need to send a message to the target phone. The message contains a tracking link the target person must open on their phones. Once it’s opened, the location tracking journey may begin.

What if I want to spy on an Android phone without access to it for free?

Monitoring Android phones without access to them is not possible; if a tracking app claims to provide such a solution, it is a scam. That is why we recommend carefully reading the features tab on the apps’ websites. Moreover, you are always welcome to use a free trial. It can be limited in functions and time, but it is a good solution for those in doubt. Please note that good-quality monitoring apps are not free.

How do I get access to text messages from another phone?

To get text messages from another phone, you should install a spying app for tracking an Android device. After the installation, you will get access to all text messages in your user-friendly dashboard. If your target device is an iPhone, you won’t make a spying deal without iCloud credentials and a password.

What is the top tracking app to spy on text messages for free?

If you want to monitor text messages on other people’s devices for free, we may recommend you try iKeyMonitor. It is user-friendly and compatible with iPhone and Android devices application. 24/7 customer support will provide you with all the help you might need. Get familiar with its features and enjoy a free version.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve made it this far to learn how to spy on text with just a phone number or simply out of curiosity, we want to express an essential idea regarding tracking solutions. Decide about your reasons for tracking other people’s text messages. It is the first step anyone should take before choosing a spying app. Do you want to check on your children and determine why their behavior is strange? Does your beloved partner spend too much time at work?

Make sure the game is worth the candle because you are responsible for the outcomes of checking on someone’s text. We recommend using the reliable tracking app with plenty of user reviews if you want your tracking experience to be smooth and effortless.


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