How to Secretly Spy on an iPhone

Monitoring someone’s iPhone is one of the solutions that help to live in today’s technologically hectic world. There are numerous reasons to do this. We may need to spy on someone else’s iPhone to prevent emergencies or check whether our friends or family members are safe, or parents may want to check on their children. In today’s article, you will learn how to spy on someone’s iPhone.

9 Apps to Spy on Someone Else’s iPhone with Ease

There are numerous spying apps on the Internet available for download. However, it may be confusing to choose the most appropriate one. The choice depends on one’s goals and expectations. In this article, you will learn about iPhone spy apps, their peculiarities, and their pros and cons. It will help you choose the most appropriate one. The described apps are user-friendly, work well, and can give you all relevant information from the target device.

uMobix: Spy on Someone’s iPhone Remotely

The uMobix tracking app stands out from the crowd and is becoming more popular. The application allows users to easily monitor the online activity of the target smartphone through the control panel. With uMobix, it is possible to monitor social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and obtain information from target phones in stealth mode.

With this iPhone spy app, you may track calls, view contact lists, read text messages, view online history, access messaging apps, track GPS location, access photo gallery, spy on social media, etc. Thanks to the integrated real-time locator, you are always aware of where is the target device without anyone knowing. There are several pros and cons of this spy app.


  • User-friendly navigation;
  • One can restore the deleted messages;
  • Data synchronization is high-speed;
  • A wide range of device tracking features at a reasonable price;
  • Setting up uMobix will not need root access or jailbreak;
  • Numerous advanced features like a keylogger;
  • Remote camera access.


  • A call recording feature is not available;
  • The free plan is available only for 1 day.

mSpy: How to Spy on Another iPhone Without Jailbreaking

The mSpy app is one of the most advanced spyware available today, and parents concerned about their child’s safety often use it. It is also popular among couples with trust problems and employers who want to ensure their business is safe.

mSpy offers an innovative solution for all users and enables reliable monitoring for Android and iPhone without jailbreak. Also, mSpy has good customer support that helps around the clock with any issues. You may view information about a tracked mobile phone anytime and from any browser.

mSpy offers everything you could want from a spy app. It is reliable, has all the necessary features, and provides excellent customer service. The user panel has a spacious and clear dashboard, which you can use to check visited websites, call history, message history, and social media activity.


  • Customer service is fast and efficient;
  • Multilingual support;
  • The application works without jailbreak;
  • Works with all Apple devices.


  • The call recording is missing;
  • One device is allowed per plan.

EyeZy: Monitor Someone’s iPhone Easily

How to spy on an iPhone stealthily? We will present you with another non-detectable EyeZy spying tool, which is effortless to use. EyeZy helps parents track their children’s smartphone activity, but one can also use it to check on friends, employees, partners, etc. Once activated, EyeZy allows you to perform many tasks. Rest assured that the spy app is good at monitoring social media, tracking call logs, messages, contacts, GPS location, and many others.

Another important factor is its invisibility on a target iPhone. Thanks to this, the phone’s owner will never know someone is monitoring him. When it comes to costs, they are affordable. There are different subscription options, and you are sure to find one that best suits your needs. Thus, EyeZy positions itself as a professional solution for any spying needs.


  • Easy and user-friendly set-up;
  • Built-in screen recording feature;
  • Sophisticated keylogger.


  • Using it to track multiple devices can be expensive;
  • No free trial is available.

FlexiSpy: Spy on Someone Else’s iPhone with Stealth

Once installed, FlexiSpy will open the doors to all activities performed by the professional spy software. Let’s just dive into a few examples: you will have access to text messages and calls, know the target phone’s location, and view all chats on social media. The dashboard is clear and will allow you to manage all information without unnecessary fuss. Different subscription levels exist, but even the more advanced packages are for a reasonable price.


  • Recording conversations and surroundings;
  • Remote access to the camera;
  • Broad compatibility with almost every iOS model.


  • Most of the promising features are only available in the Extreme version, which is quite expensive.

Cocospy: Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing

Cocospy is one of the best spy apps in over 190 countries. It is a remote parental control and tracking app that helps keep your loved ones safe. The Cocospy app has such main features: SMS monitoring, GPS location and social media tracking, geofencing, and many others. One of the best things about the Cocospy mobile phone tracker is its user-friendliness, which is why we recommend it for beginners. In addition, it provides multiple device tracking features and does not require jailbreak.


  • It is one of the most user-friendly iPhone spy tools;
  • Advanced features like SIM location, keylogger, and geofencing;
  • It supports the stealth mode to spy on someone’s iPhone discreetly;
  • It can track almost any social media and instant messaging app.


  • A free trial is not available;
  • No call recording function;
  • Advanced features are more extensive for Android compared to its iOS version.

KidsGuard Pro: How to Spy on iPhone Safely

KidsGuard Pro is among the best parental control apps on the Internet. If you want to keep an eye on your loved ones, then KidsGuard Pro is the best choice. It is an Android or iPhone monitoring solution for parents, but not only parents may take the best of it. Even though the application was released recently, it has significant features that can be useful to everyone.

Parents choose the KidsGuard Pro app because of its monitoring, tracking, and spying features. They can monitor social media and apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, etc. The application will provide access to the target device’s current location with GPS and a Wi-Fi positioning system. You can also set geofence alerts when the tracked device enters a danger zone. You need to know that the app is legal and has a strict security and privacy policy.

MobileSpy: Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing

MobileSpy is one of the leading parental control apps that enables parents to monitor and manage online activity on their children’s iPhones, iPad, Android phones, or tablets. It is a solution for those who value their time and efforts. All you need to do is to download the app and install it on the target iPhone. The app guarantees that you will remain undetected, as no app icon will appear on the device of interest.

MobileSpy is a good choice for monitoring social media and targeted iPhones, tracking photos, videos, location, etc. Get instant, real-time notifications in your dashboard and stop worrying about your loved ones.

Highster Mobile: Track Someone’s iPhone Cost Effectively

Highster Mobile is a high-quality spy tool with a very intuitive user interface. You only need a few minutes to set it up. In an intuitive user interface, one can view details of incoming and outgoing messages from the target iPhone, including sender/recipient contact information. You can also track emails or instant messaging apps. Browsing social media will be available for you as well. The platform additionally offers to monitor the previous and current location of your child’s phone or any target device in real time.

Mobistealth: How to Spy on Another iPhone Remotely

Mobistealth is one of the apps that parents and other interested people trust the most when it comes to monitoring smartphone activity. The platform is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows PC, and Mac. The spy app can offer its users 24/7 remote access to the target phone. Mobistealth has a highly functional interface that is simple and secure. You will be able to use the platform within minutes after registering.

Moreover, it is one of the oldest applications in the industry, which has earned a strong reputation and a large consumer base. One of its benefits is that the app offers a 15-day money-back guarantee. It sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Alternatives to Secretly Spy on Someone Else’s iPhone for Free

The spy apps mentioned above may vary in their performance and leading features. However, there is something that unites them. One needs to pay to use it. Luckily, there are free spy methods available. Have you ever heard that it is possible to use iCloud to monitor someone else’s iPhone? Nowadays, this is one of the most popular ways to spy on target devices. iCloud is a cloud storage and computing service that provides access to photos, videos, documents, notes, or contacts.

If you are a parent or an employer, you may spy on Apple devices with iCloud quickly and conveniently. To use this method, one requires some information, such as the access data of a target iPhone (the device itself) and Internet access. With Apple ID and password, monitoring will still be limited to getting basic information, and you will only be able to access data stored in the target’s iCloud account.

Please note that you can also use iCloud to track someone’s location. Once you turn to the Find My iPhone app and use someone’s iCloud credentials (or you may have a Family Sharing Apple ID), you can secretly spy on the person of interest.

Can I Spy on an iPhone Without Them Knowing If I Access Their iCloud Account?

Yes. It is possible to spy on a target iPhone without anyone knowing you have access to their iCloud, but to do so, you have to complete all the required steps mentioned previously. It’s a great way to monitor someone’s iPhone without installing spyware.

Can I Spy on an iPhone Legally?

When you hear about spying, you probably think of something illegal. The reason is that spyware was designed, by its very essence, to spy on people. However, there are scenarios where we can find reasons to use spyware. There is much spyware for iPhones, and one needs to pay for it or jailbreak, which we do not recommend.

Cell phone spying can be legal or illegal, and the definition of it depends on how people use it. Many parents use spyware to protect their children. Employers use spy software to check the work of the employees. Husbands and wives may find their personal reasons to install the iPhone monitoring apps.

In these situations, the reason for using the software is legitimate and has a good cause. Therefore, the law does not prohibit such use if the target adult person knows about your intentions. In addition, the surveillance software is undetectable, which does not attract attention.

People may install spyware without notifying the owner of the smartphone. One should understand that using spyware is strongly discouraged if your reasons are malicious. So be smart by spying on your loved ones and protecting your children from the dangers around them.


How can I spy on iPhone with just the number?

You may try or as alternatives to monitor the location of the phone number, no matter where the target device is. No installation or physical interaction is required. Pinpointing someone on the map is performed remotely and anonymously.

Can I spy on iPhone without having the phone?

Yes. To do so, one will need to know iCloud credentials. If you wonder how to spy on iPhone without physical access free, this is the only way. Using iCloud, you can access all necessary information from a target device without jailbreaking or installing software. Pay attention that physical access is necessary if the two-factor authentication is enabled or iCloud backup is turned off.

Can I spy on iPhones without iCloud credentials?

It is possible to spy on someone’s iPhone without having iCloud credentials or Apple ID. However, to do so, you need access to the target iPhone. You may secretly set up one of the spying apps on a target device. Use your imagination to find the most appropriate circumstances to realize this plan. Alternatively, using phone trackers to spy on location with just the phone number is possible.

Why should I use an iPhone spy app?

Using iPhone spy apps is the most effective way to monitor other people’s activities, such as social media monitoring, the need to track a location, or checking private messages. Once you install spyware, you have open doors to the iPhone of a target individual.

How much do spy apps cost?

The price of spy apps depends on the spying software you choose. In addition, most providers offer different subscription plans. The price for the cheapest spy apps may start from $10 per month. Notice that such an option may include basic features only. Premium providers sometimes charge more than $60 per month for the broadest subscription plan.

Are they hidden from the phone’s user?

Spy apps are hidden from the phone’s user. Once the monitoring application is set up, it collects data and sends it to the server in stealth mode (if enabled). Smartphone owners can’t recognize that an app is installed on a mobile phone because it will have no visible icon.


Spy apps can be helpful assistants and even life savers. But some people may use them for illegal purposes. Therefore, we recommend considering whether the end justifies the means. If you decide to use a spy app, you should only do it from trusted services. You can also use iCloud credentials or Apple ID and password to spy on someone’s iPhone.


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