The Best App to Spy on Devices Connected to Your Wi-Fi: The 6 Best Solutions Reviewed

Every Wi-Fi network works as a type of wireless networking technology. It connects devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers to each other or the internet. While you might have a good network security key in place, you may not have any idea how easy it is nowadays to break into a Wi-Fi system. 

Therefore, for whatever reason you want to monitor your Wi-Fi router, we have several solutions for you. With these hidden spy apps, apart from knowing who is connected to your Wi-Fi router, you can also discreetly monitor these devices. For example, get to know what your employees are up to during working hours, observe your kid’s internet activity, or even check who your spouse is talking to.

With new strategies and hundreds of spy app reviews, we’ve identified the market’s most reliable and effective apps. Stay tuned as we analyze the 6 best Wi-Fi spy apps, explain how to spy on devices connected to your Wi-Fi, and resolve any possible questions you might have.

The 6 Best Spy Apps for Wi-Fi Monitoring

There are many software tools to monitor or spy on devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. Part of these is specifically designed with a focus on network activity, meaning they are good for identifying devices on your Wi-Fi network while restricting them and troubleshooting issues.

In contrast, others are aimed to act as spyware, which allows you to track the actions of devices connected to an existing network. Whatever the purpose you have, based on research of the overall market of Wi-Fi spying apps, it’s safe to say that many companies are promoting features they don’t have. After a thorough analysis and comparison, we found the top 6 best Wi-Fi spying apps, which are the following:

  1. mSpy – the Wi-Fi tracking app you need to make sure they’re connecting safely.
  2. EyeZy – a powerful, feature-rich phone monitoring software that lets you be one step ahead to protect.
  3. uMobix – the advanced phone spy app to monitor every keystroke and tap.
  4. GEOfinder – locate and track mobile phones with special features and clever technology.
  5. WireShark – a popular network protocol analyzer mastered to spy in real-time.
  6. Open DNS – the ultimate simple solution to protect your internet connection and monitor traffic.

Best Apps for Spying on Wi-Fi Devices Reviewed

Wondering what software from these 6 options would suit your needs and requirements best? Find out the needed information on these spy apps – from their compatibility to each one’s features and pros and cons below.

You might have noticed that mSpy is often mentioned in various articles and frequently comes in searches. That’s no surprise, as mSpy is one of the biggest companies in the Wi-Fi spy app business – an industry veteran. With over a decade of experience and around 1.8 million users, the company provides outstanding services.

It mostly became so popular because of its features to monitor social media, installed apps, and what people are searching for on the internet. These cover most of what parents and employers want.

mSpy main

mSpy offers a variety of features, especially monitoring functionality that connects to social media, giving you access to your children’s Instagram stories. This way, you can make sure they aren’t sharing anything inappropriate. When it comes to a working environment, you might have access to employee text conversations and check if they aren’t sharing confidential information with external parties.

Don’t have the time and ability to monitor everything 24/7? The tool can do that automatically, so you’ll just be handed a detailed report with activity, URL details, timestamps, and how many times a specific app was visited.


  • A Wi-Fi spy app that’s undetectable on the target’s device
  • A superb, reliable user interface
  • Get detailed breakdowns of user activity
  • Outstanding innovative social media monitoring capabilities
  • Get access to all installed apps, with the choice to restrict them
  • Superior remote control capabilities


  • Users can monitor only 1 device per plan

EyeZy — The Most Powerful, Feature-Rich Phone Monitoring App

EyeZy is an advanced, powerful, and easy-to-use monitoring application. It provides outstanding social media monitoring, an advanced Wi-Fi network analysis, and superb geomapping and geofencing capabilities.

The social media monitoring feature is phenomenal at identifying all messages and DM conversations, and for apps like Snapchat, where the main point of conversation is photo messages, EyeZy can also monitor what has been exchanged without raising suspicions.

eyeZy main

Another of this app’s most powerful features is the advanced Wi-Fi network analysis. It lets you find out which websites the target user is visiting, how many times, how long, and what their favorites in browsing history are. You’ll also be able to restrict a user’s access to your Wi-Fi network. This can be useful if someone, for example, hacked your password and is using your Wi-Fi, or if you need to restrict your child’s Wi-Fi usage, that could be during bedtime hours or time for studying.

With geomapping and geofencing, you’ll have the exact coordinates of the target device, and if they leave the Wi-Fi router area of reach, you’ll get instant notifications. Basically, with EyeZy you’ll have full access and control of all devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.


  • An extremely simple user interface
  • Access to all social media platforms and dating apps
  • Accurate and detailed Wi-Fi usage statistic breakdowns
  • 24/7 informed customer support
  • Precise geomapping and geofencing


  • Some features require rooting/jailbreak
  • When connecting multiple devices, it can get expensive

uMobix — Intuitive Spyware Designed for Parental Control

uMobix may serve as a perfect hidden Wi-Fi spy app for parental control. It’s an app that doesn’t focus on one particular thing but rather a good mix of various features. Even though the app doesn’t specialize in one specific feature, however, it is the ideal middle ground, a little bit of each great feature combined with a simple, user-friendly interface.

It’s worth noting that once it is installed on the phone to monitor devices connected to your Wi-Fi, it immediately becomes hidden. A feature many love is the swift install time and intuitive interface.

umobix main

Apart from the basic functionality, there is this one unique feature, and that is the immediate alert send-off. These alerts will notify you through instant notifications whenever your target device shares its location online. For example, if your child shares their location online with a suspicious user, you will be informed immediately with time to react accordingly.


  • Instant alerts when the target device shares its location online
  • The happy medium between the simplicity of use and powerful features
  • Phenomenal install time, the quickest out there
  • Monitor browser activity with fine precision
  • Remarkable location tracking capabilities
  • Full access to Instagram and Facebook on iOS without jailbreak required


  • A significant contrast between the Android and iOS versions; iOS lacks key features (this is the case with most spy apps unless they require jailbreak)

GEOfinder — Effortlessly Track and Locate a Mobile Phone

Unlike other Wi-Fi spy apps, GEOfinder has a bit of a different way of functioning. To enable all the actions of internet tracking and monitoring devices, you’ll first need to provide a phone number.

The phone holder gets a concealed secret message with a link; the message is written in a way that they don’t question it and follow that link, and as long as the target has proceeded with the link, they will automatically share their Wi-Fi data, giving you all the information about their device.

geofinder main

With GOEfinder, it is possible to track the exact device locations and analyze their online behavior. If you have children, you might want to know where they are for their safety, as well as what sites they visit and prevent them from anything inappropriate. As an employer, you also probably want to keep tabs on employees to make sure they aren’t leaving work too early and to see if they aren’t using their work time to browse the web.


  • Universal compatibility with many platforms and software
  • Precise position tracking
  • Reports on targets’ past movements
  • Real-time location
  • Anonymous operation
  • Works online, doesn’t require installation


  • Update only once every three hours
  • Unable to track if the target doesn’t proceed to click on the link

Wireshark is a popular network packet analyzer, which is also a great tool to spy on what people are browsing in real time. When the software is activated, you’ll be able to view and capture data of the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

You can view the IP addresses of all the devices on your network; in that same window, you simply click on the one you want to spy on and start the monitoring, and within seconds you’ll have access to all incoming and outgoing data sets.


While Wireshark does seem like an easy app to use, yet because it’s packed with so many technical features, the app is best suited for security firms and big organizations rather than regular users. The app may be too complicated for those looking to control children’s Wi-Fi usage. However, it is the perfect solution for an office space looking to track employee activity and protect confidential information from leaking.


  • Captured packets get displayed in real-time
  • Allows for packet sorting, grouping, and filtering
  • View extensive information about network packets
  • Great at troubleshooting problems and bugs


  • No alert notifications in the chances of a network intrusion
  • Hard to navigate through the extensive set of features

Open DNS — A Reliable Way to Keep an Eye on Devices

OpenDNS is a DNS (Domain Name System) service used to control the Wi-Fi network and who’s connected to it; it can also be used to filter internet content and improve the security of a connection.

Fundamentally the concept of a DNS is quite simple: when someone is trying to connect to your router, all their network traffic goes through that router, which then goes through the DNS provider, which translates the domain name to its IP address. With OpenDNS, you’ll get not only their IP address but also a brief summary of what kind of websites these people are browsing on your Wi-Fi network.

open dns

If we talk about the app in general and how it works, then there is nothing to complain about. It’s easy to set up, even for users with no technical background or previous experience. With OpenDNS, you will be able to control your network usage, such as blocking certain sites or even apps like WhatsApp.

This is a handy tool in households with kids to block inappropriate websites or in an office space to prevent your employees from visiting nonwork-related websites.


  • Quicker performance and more reliable reports than traditional DNS services
  • Monitor blocked websites and protect against viruses
  • Easy to install and set up


  • No real-time reports; appear 1-3 hours delayed, initially even 24 hours
  • Pricey subscription plans

How to Spy on Devices Connected to My WiFi: The Best Methods

Now if you search for the best ways to spy on devices connected to your Wi-Fi, the first thing that will probably pop up is a packet sniffer. While these packet sniffers do allow you to detect devices using your Wi-Fi and what they are using it for, they are quite limited.

First of all, for you to understand them, you’ll need to be quite tech-savvy. Secondly, you’ll have access only when these devices are connected to your Wi-Fi, and the worst part is that these may be illegal in certain areas.

Whereas the ultimate spy method is these dedicated Wi-Fi spy apps, as mentioned earlier, they have far more features, fewer limitations, and a user-friendly interface. The spy app for WiFi monitoring takes data from a target phone and shows you exactly what’s happening. And what’s more important, the device doesn’t actually have to be on your network; it works as long as there is a connection.

What Is a Spy App?

Most spy apps work by entering a device (they have to be installed in order to do so), gathering data, and then sending it to a third party, or basically to the person who installed the spy app onto the device.

Why Use Wi-Fi Spying?

There are many very different reasons why people use Wi-Fi spying apps, which could be for technical reasons, for example, if the Wi-Fi has been slow and they want to check the history of usage and if there aren’t any unknown accounts.

If it has to do with children, parents probably spy to protect their children, whether that’s from explicit content or just to ensure that the child isn’t using their phone during school and bedtime hours.

Employers and companies are also frequent users of Wi-Fi spy software apps; they use them to ensure that there are no data leaks in the business, to check if employees are productive, and detect possible thefts.

How Do Wi-Fi Spy Apps Work?

Most network spy apps work by posing as an authoritative application to get into other apps and the data. It’s a combination of keylogging, screenshotting, and similar technologies that capture what’s going on in the app.

If an app is well built and succeeds in getting into a target device, the process is simple from there on; all they do is send collected data to you and present it in a readable way.

Will I Have Spy Access to All Devices Connected to My Wi-Fi?

There are a variety of different devices out there, and you will surely have access to most devices, but there can be a few out of sight; it all depends on the device and software used to spy. While some software easily hacks Android and iOS phones and tablets, a TV, PC, or laptop will be out of reach for it.

How to Spy on Internet Activity Through WiFi | Step-By-Step

As we have established, it is possible to spy on devices connected to your Wi-Fi, but how do you do that? Here are step-by-step guides, both for iOS software and Android software. Before you start, make sure you choose the correct software since the processes do vary. Since every app has its own step of instruction to follow, we have chosen mSpy to show you the general idea.

On iOS Software

If you have iOS software, here below are the simple steps you should follow.

Step 1 — Create an Account on the App Website

First of all, you’ll want to get your hands on the target phone and specifically a jailbroken one. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Wi-Fi spy website; in our case, that’s
  2. Create an account.
  3. When asked for an operating system, choose iOS.
  4. Check your email for a link from mSpy.

Step 2 — Start the Installation Process

To start the installation, use the “Cydia” app. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open up Cydia.
  2. Click on “Manage Account”.
  3. Click on “Sources”.
  4. Click on “Edit”.
  5. Click on “Add” and enter the link from your email.
  6. Click on “Add Source”.
  7. Click on “Return to Cydia”.

Step 3 — Navigate to the App and Start Spying on Devices Connected to Your WiFi

  1. Go to the “mTechnology Repository”.
  2. Click on “iPhone Internal Service”; this is how mSpy is hidden on the phone.
  3. Press “Accept” and read the prompts.
  4. Go back to the homepage and click on “mSpy”.
  5. Accept the license agreement.
  6. Fill in your registration code.
  7. Reboot the phone.

There you have it; now you have access to the device.

On Android Software

If you have Android software, the process will usually be a bit simpler for you; below are the simple steps you should follow.

Step 1 — Create an Account on the App Website

The first step is where you create an account, and it’s pretty similar for Android and iOS. You’ll start the same and follow the steps below.

  1. When asked for an operating system, choose “Android”.
  2. Pick your ideal plan.
  3. Check for an email from mSpy.
  4. Log down all info provided and download the link provided.

Step 2 — Make Sure Play Protect’s Disabled

Play Protect will deny the installation of the spy app, so it’s important that you disable it. To do that, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Tap on your profile.
  3. Click on “Play Protect”, then “Settings”.
  4. The first slider you see, slide it so that it turns gray.

Step 3 — Go to the Web and Download the Spy App

  1. Open the web browser.
  2. Enter the link from your email into the search bar.
  3. Click “Download” then “Ok”.

Step 4 — Open Your Spy App and See Who Connected

  1. In case a prompt pops up, click the following: “Open” – “Settings” – “Allow from This Source”.
  2. Click “Next” then “Open”.
  3. For the license agreement, click “Agree”.
  4. Fill in the registration code from your email.
  5. Click “Complete Installation”.

That’s all, go ahead and spy on the device!

Wi-Fi Spy App FAQs

Is it possible to spy on someone through their Wi-Fi?

Yes! You can even spy on someone through public Wi-Fi, as long as you have consent and access to the target phone.

Can you look at what someone does on their phone through Wi-Fi?

With just a Wi-Fi connection, the answer would be no; however, with the Wi-Fi apps mentioned above, the answer is yes! You’ll have complete access to a device, their social media, pictures, web search, and even incognito mode web searches.

How to spy on internet activity through Wi-Fi?

To spy on internet activity through Wi-Fi, you’ll need to gain access to a target device, then choose an app you want to use for spying, follow the instructions to download it, and then watch all the activity through the dashboard.

How to spy on devices connected to your Wi-Fi?

The best, easiest, and most insightful way how to spy on someone through WiFi is by installing a Wi-Fi spy app onto their phone, and the app will provide you with all types of information, ranging from Wi-Fi usage to what they post on social media.

Is it possible to read someone’s text through Wi-Fi?

Absolutely, with a great spy app, it is possible to read all of someone’s messages, even the deleted ones, or the messages on apps like Instagram.

Can someone put a spy app on your phone from using their Wi-Fi?

Without direct access to your phone, all someone can do is use a packet sniffer, but they won’t be able to install a spy app without remote access to the device.

Conclusion: What Essentially Is the Best Wi-Fi Spy App and Way to Control Devices Connected to Your Wi-Fi?

Spying over a Wi-Fi connection can get difficult. It requires technical rich and specialized software. It’s truly hard to define a market’s best software, but we have established at least 6 of them and provided a review on each.

Among the apps above, uMobix does stand out the most; it’s the perfect combination of a feature-rich application with a user-friendly interface at an affordable price.

Of course, your choice fully depends on your budget, purpose, requirements, and specific features that can fulfill your needs. Whatever your choice falls to, you can’t go wrong with any of the 6 spy apps mentioned above.


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