How to Use a Spy App to Spy on Cell Phone Without Access

Ever since spy apps started emerging on the market, spying on someone’s cell phone without touching it has become easier than ever. In the past, you would have to be a super sleuth in order to monitor your child’s or employee’s cell phone activities. But now, all you need is decent spyware to get this job done.

A robust cell phone monitoring app can open up a huge range of remote tracking opportunities by giving users access to the target phone. But how to get started? In this blog post, we will shed light on how to spy on a cell phone remotely. The products you will find here are easy to use and provide excellent monitoring options, both for Android and iPhone. Without further ado, let’s see how to spy on a phone without installing an app.

Reasons to Spy on a Cell Phone Without Having Access to the Target Phone

Cell phone spy apps have a host of different uses beyond just providing basic access to the monitored device. If you are considering getting a phone spy app for monitoring reasons but wondering if it is worth a purchase, think about these benefits of using remote spyware:

  • Obtaining access to your child’s cell phone to prevent risky activities online
  • Monitoring your staff’s performance and task execution
  • Tracking your loved one’s exchanged messages and media files
  • Being informed about the web pages a monitored person visits
  • Blocking the use of particular phone apps or websites
  • Tracking your phone’s precise location or someone’s whereabouts

Once you know what goals you want to achieve, it’s time to pick a phone monitoring application that will suit your needs. Needless to say, there are thousands of options on the market, so making a choice might be overwhelming. Below we will give a few worthwhile suggestions and explain how to spy on iPhone or Android phones with zero physical access.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Access to Phone?

iPhones are labeled as impenetrable devices. But even the most protected device has vulnerable points. And phone spying tools will be a great companion in accomplishing your monitoring task successfully. The best thing is that you won’t even need to touch someone’s phone to start monitoring.

When it comes to the installation process, most phone spy apps are pretty much the same. All you need is to type iCloud credentials, and you will have the software installed on someone’s iPhone automatically.

But before you do any manipulations, double-check if a cell phone tracker supports iOS devices, and if so, see what functionalities they offer. Unfortunately, most iPhone spying apps have limited features, and you surely don’t want to install software that can’t do anything. So let’s review how to spy on iPhone without target phone and make the most out of your monitoring experience.


There are many things to enjoy with uMobix and its iPhone offerings. uMobix developers made sure to devise a dedicated, client-oriented phone spy app that renders a wide array of options. Here are just some of the perks you will get:

  • Access to text messages as well as their content, time, and contact info
  • Tracking phone calls along with timestamps and duration
  • Navigating social media accounts as your own
  • Pulling out multimedia files from private conversations
  • Monitoring what a target person is browsing on the Internet
  • Keeping track of someone’s GPS location
  • Getting immediate alerts about new activities on iPhone

While most mobile phone spyware apps will give you an opportunity to check someone’s online activity on 2 or 3 social media applications, uMobix significantly extended this list. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, Kik, Hangouts, TikTok – this list is as long as an arm. It also offers access to the most known messaging apps, including Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, Skype, and Zoom.

There is also a neat location tracker that allows you to see where someone is located now. You can also use this amazing feature to track a GPS location in case your phone is lost, which makes uMobix an excellent choice for anyone.

Apart from this, you can also detect what websites your child or employee is visiting. This way, you will ensure that a monitored person is not exposed to inappropriate or malicious content.

So, if you’re seeking how to spy on an iPhone without iCloud credentials or any extra technical knowledge, uMobix is your best bet! This powerful employee and parental control tool will enable you to monitor iOS activities from anywhere and anytime.


eyeZy is an excellent choice for many users thanks to its reasonable price-value ratio that makes subscriptions worth every penny. It’s a second popular phone monitoring app offering a wide selection of functions that will be helpful for both parents and businesses. This spy software performs well on both iPhone and Android phones.

Just like other cell phone spying apps, eyeZy offers access to all kinds of activities on someone’s phone. Some common spying opportunities include:

  • Seeing incoming/outgoing calls and messages with contact details
  • Reading private conversations on social messaging apps
  • Getting regular screenshots
  • Scanning previously visited webpages
  • Filtering and blocking restricted content on the Internet
  • Tracking GPS location and getting geofencing alerts

What really sets eyeZy apart from the competition is that this spy phone app has an enhanced keylogger. This incredible feature allows users to capture every keystroke typed on the iPhone. It’s a very nice function to have if you want to, let’s say, find out what your child is searching for and what content they send out.

eyeZy also boasts a screen recording feature, which is invaluable if you want to see ongoing conversations and deleted messages. It makes regular screen snapshots to give you a clue about what’s happening on that side of a target device. You shouldn’t be worried about being detected. The spy app has a stealthy mode. So if you are searching for how to spy on phone without access to phone and remain invisible, eyeZy won’t disappoint you.

In our latest round of testing, eyeZy also proved to be one of the best for monitoring someone’s whereabouts. While there is nothing surprising about having a location tracker, eyeZy additionally offers a geofencing feature. It will keep you updated every time a monitored person enters or exits a safe zone.

The only downside is that eyeZy requires jailbreaking in order to show you its full potential. However, if you are given to select between your child’s safety and jailbreaking, the choice is obvious.

How to Spy on a Cell Phone Without Access: for Android

Now let’s figure out how to spy on Android phone without having the phone. In this case, you will have a wider selection of feature-rich phone spy apps. To help you with the decision-making process, we will share our verdict on the most trending and reliable option.


In the last few years, Hoverwatch has stepped up as a contestant for one of the most viral cell phone spy apps. And for a good reason! It more than delivers for its users. With Hoverwatch at your disposal, you will be able to perform a whole range of spying activities:

  • Call tracking and recording
  • Viewing text messages sent, received, and deleted
  • Social media monitoring
  • Capturing Android device screen snapshots
  • Taking front camera photos
  • Phone browsing history
  • Retrieving details about location

In terms of social media tracking, Hoverwatch gives access to the most popular apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, and more. But what really caught our eye is its camera recording feature. Hoverwatch will take a front photo of a person who unlocks the phone to give you a clue of who is using the device at the moment.

Hoverwatch is completely hidden from the unaided eye and doesn’t cause extreme data usage. You can spy on Android remotely and not worry about being noticed. The only way to prevent spyware monitoring is to do a factory reset and return the phone to factory settings.

Free Options for Android

If you are wondering how to spy on Android phone without installing software for free, we’ve got 2 smart solutions:

  • Android Device Manager: Allows to spot the Android device on a map, lock it or erase all the data from the phone.
  • Google Timeline: Lets users see a full history of previously visited places.

In both cases, you will need to take someone’s phone for a while to prepare it for distant monitoring. However, these alternatives won’t give you a complete picture of every activity taking place on a cell phone. So if you need a more comprehensive overview – a tracking app would be a better choice.

Free Options for iPhone

Currently, there is no known free app that will provide you with extensive tracking experience. But if you are interested in spying on an iPhone user for free without installing spyware, we also prepared 2 alternatives.

  • Connecting to iCloud account: Access contact details, multimedia files, iCould drive, and geolocation or remove data from the phone without charge.
  • Find My iPhone: Locate a phone holder on a map or detect a stolen device.

These options are the best free ways to do basic distant iPhone monitoring so far. But if you prefer more in-depth information on your child or employee’s phone usage, monitoring applications will do their job.

How to Spy on a Cell Phone for Free Without Installing Software?

At present, there are no free apps giving users an opportunity to monitor someone’s activities without software installation. If such technology existed, it would pose serious concerns for personal data security, as anyone would have the opportunity to intrude on your phone. This is a completely different situation from distantly surveilling your children or monitoring your employees’ performance. Anyway, some spy apps offer a free trial and let you spy without installing software on iOS via iCloud credentials, given 2FA is disabled and iCloud backup is enabled.


Now it’s time that you choose the best option that will fully satisfy your requirements. Think whether you need just basic features like location tracking or more enhanced functionalities such as messaging app tracking or screen recording. Also, remember that there are no freebies on the market, and those cell phone trackers that claim to be free are most likely scammers. Choose wisely and carefully check available features to ensure a smooth remote cell phone spying experience.


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