How to Find Hoverwatch on Your Phone & Uninstall It

Privacy is a fundamental human right. Therefore, it’s understandable that you may feel violated when you find spy apps on your phone. Hoverwatch is a spy app that can easily go undetected, allowing anyone with access to your cell phone to track your GPS location, read your text messages, perform social media tracking activities, collect browsing history data, and even listen to your calls. If you suspect this app is on your gadget, the good news is that it’s possible to remove it.

Keep reading this review, and you will learn how to detect and remove Hoverwatch from your cell phone.

What Is Hoverwatch and How Does It Work?

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Are you worried about your child’s internet safety? Do you suspect your employees are wasting time on their devices during work hours? Install Hoverwatch! But what is Hoverwatch exactly, and how does it work? Developed by Refog, Hoverwatch features monitoring activities on any computer or mobile device, including Windows, MacOS, and Android. It’s a powerful parental control app as well as an excellent tool for business owners, allowing you to keep tabs on what’s happening, even when you’re not physically nearby.

How to Find and Remove Hoverwatch from Android?

If you want to remove Hoverwatch from Android, follow the instruction below:

Step 1: Check your phone’s installed apps and look for suspicious programs.

Step 2: If you locate the Hoverwatch app, you can immediately uninstall it from the phone’s settings menu. Start the app, click “Settings,” and choose “Uninstall.”

Step 3: If you can’t find the app but are still experiencing suspicious activity, it’s recommended to reset the device to its factory settings.

Have you probably lost your secret code? Do you want to know how to uninstall Hoverwatch without pin? Then, delete Hoverwatch from the control app panel on the Hoverwatch website:

Step 1: Log in to the account on the website.

Step 2: Move to “Settings” and choose “Stop Device Monitoring.”

Step 3: There, you will see your “App PIN” (a 4-digit code).

Step 4: Now, take your target device and enter the code.

Step 5: Hoverwatch app will be launched.

Step 6: Next, click the three-dot menu and select the “Uninstall” option to suspend Hoverwatch remotely.

How to Find Hoverwatch on Your Phone Device?

Although you may think that when you download Hoverwatch, you get an excellent tool for personal needs, things go worsen when you find the one hiddenly installed on your own phone. So, how to find Hoverwatch on your phone?

The first and most important thing you must do to detect whether Hoverwatch is installed on the phone is to control it minutely. The following warning signs will tell you whether the spy app runs on your mobile phone:

  • Makes odd sounds (not related to notifications)
  • Turns off on its own
  • Displays unfamiliar pictures
  • Has a quick battery drain

It would also be helpful to analyze your gadget’s display for extra icons. Keep an eye out for these icons on the top or bottom of your screen and your home screen. This method can help you identify whether Hoverwatch is installed on your Android device.

Alternative Methods to Identify and Uninstall Hoverwatch

Are there other ways to help you detect whether Hoverwatch is installed o your cell phone? Sure. What are they?

Rapid Drain of the Phone’s Battery

If your smartphone’s battery drains quickly during regular use, typically lasting only one day, then there may be an underlying issue with the phone or the battery itself. However, if somebody installed a spy app on your mobile phone, you should know that spyware can quickly drain its battery for sending and collecting data.

Locate the Hoverwatch Process

Hoverwatch relies on a process that requires specific authorizations to execute correctly. Generally, each company provides instructions specifying which method must be granted access to. Your task here will be to find and delete this process from your cell phone.

What Are the Steps to Remove Hoverwatch from Your Mobile Phone?

Once you find that somebody installed the spyware on your phone, you have two options for how to solve the problem. You can delete the application or keep it on to gather information about the person who is spying on you. Once you remove the spyware, it’s impossible to determine who was spying on you. If you decide to delete it from your mobile phone, the guide below would be useful to read.

So, how to remove Hoverwatch from your cell phone?

Step 1: Copy your contacts and data not to lose them (do not copy programs).

Step 2: Open “Settings.”

Step 3: Find the “Reset” button and press it to restore the settings of your device to the original factory settings.

You should also know that all the data, including videos, apps, and photos, will be deleted after resetting to factory settings. Therefore, it’s essential to back up the data on your target phone before resetting it.

Use Incognito, an Anti-spyware and Malware Protection Application for Android OS

If you need to find a Hoverwatch spy on your Android phone, use a reliable anti-spyware and malware security application. Besides detecting harmful files on phones that run on Android OS, it can also permanently eliminate them.

Update the antivirus databases regularly to ensure your Android devices remain Hoverwatch-free. It will help prevent an Android spy from running undetected in the background and wasting the device’s resources.

Identify and Manually Eliminate Hoverwatch

If you have special skills in removing Hoverwatch-alike apps, you can easily identify and delete the app manually. Although finding and removing spyware from the phone may be challenging and almost impossible, it is feasible when adhering to the following steps. So how to remove Hoverwatch manually?

Step 1: Connect the mobile device to a desktop or laptop computer.

Step 2: Find the spy application using the device’s file manager.

Step 3: Delete the application from the device.

How to Manually Detect and Uninstall Spyware from Jailbroken iPhones?

If you need to detect and resolve the challenge of identifying and eliminating spyware manually on a jailbreak iPhone, disable jailbreak mode. But how to remove the jailbreak and return your iPhone to its factory settings?

Step 1: Back up iPhone.

While there is a possibility that some jailbreak tweaks and apps may leave behind specific files, your other essential data, like your photos, videos, and docs, will be securely saved and available to access once the process of iPhone resetting is completed.

How to Back Up Your iPhone?

  1. Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Enter your name at the top of the screen.
  3. Select “iCloud” and then press on “iCloud Backup.”
  4. Click on “Back Up Now” to finish the process.

Step 2: Remove jailbreak.

Once your iPhone’s data is backed up, you can jump to the next step–jailbreak removal. However, instead of directly erasing everything from your iPhone device, resetting it from a computer is better. Performing resetting this way will give more flexibility if anything goes wrong.

How to Remove Jailbreak?

  1. Take a USB cable and connect the target iPhone to PC or Mac.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Go to “Settings” and find “iCloud.”
  4. Choose “Find My iPhone” to turn it off.
  5. Enter your Apple ID and password.
  6. Choose your iPhone or iPad in iTunes.
  7. Go to the Summary panel and click on the “Restore” button to start the process of jailbreak removal.
  8. Wait until your device restarts.
  9. Then you will be provided the option to restore from a backup. Choose it to restore your data from iCloud backup.

Now you will see a typical setup screen that you see when acquiring the device for the first time. All the downloaded applications, including the spyware, will be deleted.

Manually Remove Hoverwatch from Rooted Android Smartphones

Updating Android phones could effectively eliminate spyware. However, if you want a foolproof solution to get rid of the Hoverwatch spy application, resetting your device to its factory settings is highly recommended. This will wipe out all data on your cell phone, including spyware, ensuring your Android device is clean and optimized. Make sure to back up important data in advance.


Using a spy app can be harmful and violate your privacy. Fortunately, the Hoverwatch review provides helpful insights into how you can easily identify and delete the spy app from your Android device.

So, regularly check your device for any unfamiliar apps or suspicious activity, update it, and use a trusted antivirus program or security app to detect and remove any potential threats. Always be mindful of the permissions you grant to apps when installing them. Lastly, limiting an app’s access to your device’s data can help prevent unauthorized usage and protect your privacy in the long run. Following the steps above, you can protect your privacy and keep your personal information safe from prying eyes.


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