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We cannot glance into the human soul to find the reasons for different human actions. But does it mean we are doomed to accept them and live with their consequences? If we do not agree with something or do not want our life to move in one way or another – can we influence the course of events, or should we accept everything with humbleness and goodness?

Reading all those philosophical questions, many of you are already wondering what type of reading it is: a spy app review or pseudo-existential writing about all life’s difficulties. Surprise – it is the first one. The truth is that people created cell phone spy apps because they refuse to accept reality as it is.

The Hoverwatch application is aimed at helping you to take your life under control. This Hoverwatch review will discuss everything about it: features, price, and installation process. We will examine its advantages and disadvantages and discuss pricing and spheres of life where it can help.

Finally, we will answer some of the users’ most popular questions about this software. Remember, we are not trying to sell you Hoverwatch; our task here is to give you all the information on how Hoverwatch works so that you can decide whether it is what you need.


  • has a wide range of monitoring features to assist you
  • if you have an Android phone, you do not need to root it
  • it is a 100% invisible cell phone spy – you will stay incognito
  • flexible pricing options (we’ll discuss them later)
  • Hoverwatch keylogger for Android is free;
  • you should have no legal issues should you use Hoverwatch
  • Hoverwatch for iPhone app is not available yet
  • no cryptocurrency payment options are available
  • it can track the location but has no geofencing feature

Hoverwatch overview

About the Hoverwatch App and How It Can Help You

Hoverwatch is a phone monitoring application that can be secretly installed on the target device to provide you with all the latest data in real time. You may have never thought about it, but spy apps generally, and Hoverwatch particularly, can often be of great use. You never know when you may need it, so it is better to have Hoverwatch installed on the target device and always active. So, let’s take a closer look at the situations when it can be helpful.

hoverwatch main

Kids Monitoring

Parental control is something all parents want and all children hate. But the latter won’t bother much if they never notice they are being watched. The Hoverwatch app is like a Big Brother’s eye, or, better to say, Big Dad’s eye. You will always know where your children are and whom they communicate with online. Having such a fantastic tool in your hands, you will always be ready to help your little ones and save them from extra headaches.

Adultery Detector

The Hoverwatch spy app can help you to catch your cheating partner on the hot spot. Or vice versa will help you start trusting them again. Uncertainty is often worse than bitter truth. Thus, if you have any suspicions about your partner, it can be wise to install Hoverwatch on their gadget to be on the safe side. If they do not cheat – all is good; they will never know you have been spying on them. But, if they do – you can end the relationship and not waste time on a person who does not deserve it.

How to use

How Does Hoverwatch Spy App Work?

There is no need to be a wizard or a geek to start using the Hoverwatch monitoring device. There are a couple of straightforward preparation steps, and as soon as you are done with them, Hoverwatch becomes your faithful servant.

  1. To start using Hoverwatch, you must create an account and pass the approval procedure. You must become an authorized user to continue your way together with Hoverwatch.
  2. As soon as you register, you must install the Hoverwatch app on the target device. The developers did their best to keep this procedure as simple as possible.
  3. You can access the reports via a convenient Hoverwatch dashboard when all is set and done. You do not need to install any apps on your device; the dashboard can be accessed anytime via the hoverwatch.com website.

Platforms the Hoverwatch App Is Available on

There is no sense in writing a Hoverwatch review and not mentioning the platforms it can be installed on. It is available on Android mobile devices and desktops operating under macOS and Windows. We would like to highlight the last two, as it is rare to find desktops on the list of target devices. Also, please, do not rush to the ophthalmologist, everything is fine with your eyesight. Indeed, we haven’t mentioned iPhones here, but we did it intentionally because Hoverwatch for iPhone does not exist yet.

Hoverwatch pricing

Hoverwatch App Price

hoverwatch pricing

The Hoverwatch cost may vary from one plan to another (there are 3), but it is important to mention that all the same features are included in each.

Personal Plan

It is a common practice to set the cost for a shorter period higher than for a longer one. We would say that it is reasonable only to choose the 1-month option to test the app. But, of course, everything depends on your finances as well.

Number of devicesPeriodPrice
11 month$24.95
13 months$59.95
112 months$99.95

Professional Plan

It is the next “step” in pricing for the Hoverwatch phone tracker. Although it is called “professional” on the website, we would suggest renaming it to “family” because it will let you keep an eye on every member of an average-size family.

Number of devicesPeriodPrice
51 month$49.95
53 months$99.95
512 months$199.95

Business Plan

To have this Hoverwatch review as detailed as possible, we must mention the third option, called “Business Plan”. It increases the number of monitored devices and, obviously, the price. To our mind, it can perfectly fit an owner of a small business to check what their employees do at work.

Number of devicesPeriodPrice
251 month$149.95
253 months$299.95
2512 months$499.95

Hoverwatch Application Trial Period

On the website, it is claimed that a 3-day free trial is offered to track up to 5 devices. Though it comes with limited features and based on Hoverwatch reviews, the app is slow to update.

Benefits of using Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch Application Features

Hoverwatch is rich in features applicable to different aspects of life, and here we would like to discuss them in more detail. Before we begin, we would like to remind you that Hoverwatch works in stealth mode. Thus, none of its activity should be noticed by the device owner.

Hoverwatch Dashboard

It makes much sense to mention the Hoverwatch dashboard first because all the spy features are accessible through it. You can find the dashboard either on the Hoverwatch website or via the app available for Android devices.

Dashboard has an intuitive interface to fit users of different ages and tech savviness. On the left is a list of all features for you to freely swap between them. Upon choosing a feature, you will see more detailed information in the center of the screen. By detailed information, we mean names, messages, media, time stamps, location pins, and so on, depending on what you have chosen.

Now we will go through all the items you will find in the menu on the left.

Keyboard Tracker

A keyboard tracker, also known as a keylogger, is a great free feature of the Hoverwatch spy. It allows you to gather information about any message typed and keys pressed on your children’s or employees’ devices.

In addition to this, it also can:

  • track location via GPS;
  • record information about calls, such as the name of the caller and the duration;
  • save all pictures, videos, and audio sent.

It is a great chance to try how the Hoverwatch app works, not investing a single penny. So if you are reading this Hoverwatch review to decide whether it is a good solution for you – we recommend you start with this tracking feature.

Facebook Messaging

All Facebook text messages are recorded and sent to your dashboard. It is possible to check them at any convenient moment via the website or Android application if you prefer to use your Android phone. It is a handy feature as Facebook is the most popular social network in the world.

Your children can get some shady acquaintances there, or your partner may plan naughty things and discuss them on Facebook. You will know everything and will be prepared for everything.

Track Calls

We would say that Hoverwatch is the ultimate call tracker, as it gives you complete information about every call received by the target phone:

  • who was calling;
  • where they were calling from;
  • what people talked about (installed on an Android device, Hoverwatch records all calls).

It is an important feature for parents who want to ensure that their kids do not get into any hardships: phone bullying, drug addiction or trading, or sexual harassment. We really hope that you will use this parental control feature responsibly and will not listen to your children’s private talks.

Internet Tracker

In many Hoverwatch reviews, authors do not distinguish the internet tracing and social network tracking. Formally, it is correct, as all social networks are on the internet. But on the other hand, this feature is more about browsing history.

Dating websites, porn sites, dark net resources – all these things are of potential danger. Employees may also chill on some third-party resources during work or even trade the company information to competitors. The Hoverwatch website viewer will help you notice all these matters on time and cut them off by giving access to browsing history, even if the owner tried to delete it.

Location Tracking

All Hoverwatch reviews mention the location tracking feature as one of the most important ones. And indeed it is; GPS location tracking is one of the options around which all trackers are built. Talking about the Hoverwatch app, its tracker allows you to:

  • know where the target device is now;
  • what areas were visited by its owner;
  • get signal from GPS and WiFi hotspots.

It is worth mentioning that it also works for lap- and desktops. So if your partner tells you about a business trip, you can always check whether their laptop is active in the hotel or they are hanging out in a nightclub.

WhatsApp Spying

This Hoverwatch review would not be complete without mentioning the WhatsApp spy. Facebook is the most popular social network, and WhatsApp is the most popular messenger. So, never underestimate what can happen there; people discuss everything on WhatsApp: from games to secret meetings and sending memes or sexual pictures.

People often think that whatever is in their phones is accessible only to them, which is why they may even have secret lives on their devices. However, if you have a Hoverwatch account and manage to install the spy on the target device, nothing sent on WhatsApp will be hidden from you.

Viber Tracking

Hoverwatch Viber spy is a tool as solid as all others provided by this software. The developers did their best to set it up with all the necessary perks:

  • all the media sent will be revealed to you;
  • optimized battery consumption to make it even more sneaky;
  • even deleted messages are still visible to you.

Viber is not the most popular messenger, so many people may decide to move their nefarious business there, thinking no app will bother with tracking it. Well, we have bad news for them: there is no place evil can hide from the Hoverwatch viewer.


Snapchat may be quite a new and unknown social media for older generations, but young people are its big fans. It is a messenger built around sending visual information – photos and videos – which makes it popular for youth.

The Hoverwatch app will show you all the pictures people exchange via Snapchat and all the messages they attach to them. Even deleting the media will not hide it from the tracker we are discussing today. Hoverwatch, though, will not break any ciphers invented by the users on their own (the famous eggplant + splash emoji, meaning you know what, for example). Breaking them is the users’ burden.


Hoverwatch can take a screenshot, capturing what is on the screen at a particular moment. This feature can be helpful if you are unsure what app to track and need to know what is happening. In the screenshot, you will see the same picture as the phone owner. A couple of essential points about the Hoverwatch screenshots:

  • they are taken secretly, without any animation or sound;
  • they are stored in the cloud so that you can access them anytime and with any device;
  • you can use your Hoverwatch account to get access to the stored screenshots.

View Contacts

Phone contacts can give you a clear understanding of the target’s circle. Using the Hoverwatch contacts tracker, you synchronize the device’s address book with your Hoverwatch account. It may take some time, but ultimately, all the address book information will be copied to your dashboard.

It is crucial to know the names or, at least, nicknames of the people your child or partner talks to. In case of any problems, it would be much easier to find them on the web or report them to the police.

SMS monitoring

One of Hoverwatch’s callings is SMS tracking. Some may think that SMS is completely pushed out by instant messages, but it is not so. People still send text messages to exchange important information, and you don’t want to miss it. With the Hoverwatch SMS tracker, you won’t.

The Hoverwatch SMS monitoring feature will allow you to:

  • read both sent and received messages;
  • view all the information about the SMS, including the sender’s name, phone number, and time when it was sent;
  • track the location where a message was received.

Unlock Selfie

Selfies are an essential part of people’s everyday life. They are taken to share some memorable moments with other people, but… Not with everyone. Taking a selfie with their lover, your partner wants to keep these memories for themselves, but not for you.

Finding such a picture can drastically change your life, but we keep stating that it is better to know about adultery to be able to make your own decisions. In such a way, one small selfie for your partner can become a huge step forward for you. And Hoverwatch can help you with this.

Calendar Monitoring

At first glance, what is useful about calendar tracking is not clear. But if you dig deeper – many apps and services get automatically integrated into one’s phone calendar and make notes there:

  • ticket services about upcoming trips;
  • google calendar about upcoming events, such as birthdays of one’s contacts;
  • location tracking services about events and holidays in one’s area.

In such a way, calendar tracking can provide you with a lot of helpful information about our target’s location, contacts, and plans without them knowing!

Hoverwatch is a great media tracking assistant, as no information saved in the phone’s gallery will stay hidden. All the pictures, screenshots, and other materials will be added to the dashboard for your access and analysis.

You may be surprised by how much valuable data can be found in the gallery: pictures with geo-marks, pictures with people signed, photos of timetables, contracts, price lists, etc. And as a gallery is not connected directly to the network, like messengers, people often think that no one can access it, becoming quite incautious.

Other Features

Hoverwatch can also assist you with some tiny tasks you do not usually think about in the first place, but it does not mean they do not deserve our attention in this Hoverwatch review. So let’s take a closer look at them.

To-Do List Tracking

Busy people often have to-do lists on their phones to stay on track during the day. By getting access to such a list, you will know what your target will do next and where they will go.

Camera Tracking

Modern phones have at least two cameras, and both (or more) are used multiple times daily. Therefore, access to a camera grants you a complete immersion into your target’s life. Furthermore, it is done in stealth mode so that the device owner has no idea that two pairs of eyes are focused on what they see, not just a pair.

Installation process

How to Install Hoverwatch: Step-by-Step Guide

We are sure that all of our readers can install Hoverwatch on any device with their eyes closed, but just in case someone needs help, we will provide the most detailed installation guide you will never find in other Hoverwatch reviews.

How to Install Hoverwatch on Android

Get the Device Ready

There are two simple steps you must go through before installing the Hoverwatch app on the device you want to track.

  1. Hoverwatch requires you to disable the Play Protect scan. If you do not do this, your Android system simply will not allow you to install an application from an unknown source. To do that, you must open Play Store on the target phone, find Settings on the menu, and disable Play Protect Scan.
  2. You must create an account on hoverwatch.com. To do that, open the website we just mentioned and click on sign up/log in; this will take you to the Hoverwatch login page. We hope that all of you are familiar with the standard registration procedure: enter your e-mail, choose a password, accept terms and conditions, and click the “create” button (or whatever its analog is) – your account is set.

How to Install Hoverwatch on the Chosen Device?

You will get the download link when you register an account. Upon clicking on it, you will start the Hoverwatch APK download for Android. As soon as the download is finished and you try to install it, Android will warn you that installing apps from unknown sources is dangerous. Nevertheless, you must allow Hoverwatch to be installed to use it, so allow the installation without any doubts. If you are asked to turn on the Play Protect feature – press “decline”.

At the end of the installation process, you will get a small window on the target device’s screen. Click Open, accept the license agreement, and answer a few simple questions to start using Hoverwatch. You will also get an offer to hide the icon – of course, you need to respond positively here.

It may happen that the Open button is not active; in this case, you must open your dashboard, choose the monitored device on the menu, and find the PIN there. Then, on the target phone, type ****PIN#### to open Hoverwatch.

Final Steps to Set the Hoverwatch Application Working

Now, you get to the most boring stage, as you need to set up all the permissions for Hoverwatch to work correctly.

  • Basic Permissions. The first thing Hoverwatch will ask you to do is to give it basic permissions. You need to tap it on and allow the application to sync with the contacts, call logs, and media on the target device.
  • Accessibility Service. Turn on the accessibility service on the Hoverwatch menu. You will get a window with simple instructions you must follow. Tap OK, and in the next menu, proceed to Installed Services. There you must turn Sync Service on. It will ask you for different permissions – accept everything, and move to the next item on our installation list.
  • Access to Usage. If you want to activate social media tracking, messenger tracking, and other features – you need to tap on Access to Usage and allow Sync Service here. If you skip this step – you won’t be able to get any data from the applications installed on the tracked device.
  • Overlay Permission. Save as before, tap on Overlay permission, and turn the Sync Service on. It will allow other applications to work on top of Hoverwatch, hiding it from the phone owner.
  • Disable App Notifications. In this section, you need to turn the Notifications switch off. If you don’t do that, the device owner will get notifications about the Hovewrwatch activity, and your plan will be revealed.
  • Disable Battery Optimization. If you do not do this, Hoverwatch won’t run in the background, and you will not get any data from it on your dashboard.
  • Last Steps. When all the permissions are set, it is time to activate your Hoverwatch account. Enter your username and password in the next window, and you will be offered to choose what Hoverwatch services you want to use. The last thing you can do is set up the PIN you will use in the future to access Hoverwatch on the monitored device.

How to Install Hoverwatch for Windows

If you want to use Hoverwatch application for Windows-operated PC, you need to disable the antivirus protection before installation. When done, log in to your account on the Hoverwatch website (or create one), select your operating system, and download the archive. If you are asked for a password when you open the archive – enter “Hoverwatch”.

There is an installation file in the archive – launch it. You will be asked to log in to your account during installation – please, do it. One more question you might get is, “What are you going to use this software for?” – choose any answer here, as no one will and can check it. But for legal reasons, it is better to say the truth here – according to the license agreement, you can only monitor the devices you own or have permission to track.

Accept the terms and conditions, click “Next” a couple of times – and you are all set. You will start getting the tracking information on your dashboard in a few minutes.

How to Install Hoverwatch for macOS

The procedure here is very similar to Windows. First, download the Hoverwatch application for macOS from the official website and launch the installation. First of all, you will be requested to enter the administrator password, and you should know it. Next, you will be asked to log into your account or register it; if you do not have one – please, do it.

When the installation ends – the window closes, but Hoverwatch will keep working in the background, tracking what is happening on the tracked machine. You should start getting the tracked data in a couple of minutes. If it does not happen – try refreshing the dashboard and rebooting the tracked device.

It is important to mention, and please, do not be surprised, that you must install Hoverwatch on the device you want to monitor, not on yours. We have already seen some Hoverwatch reviews where people installed it on their phones or laptops and complained that tracing does not work correctly.

Final Verdict

Hoverwatch Review Conclusion

Hoverwatch is a non-detectable app for data tracking. It is available for Android mobile devices, Windows- and macOS-operated laptops and desktops. The very upsetting point is that Hoverwatch is not available for iPhones, but we hope to see it on Apple phones in the nearest future.

Hoverwatch features hit us with their forethought and simplicity of use:

  • there is a feature for every single request that might come to your head (well, a reasonable one);
  • all services are linked to the dashboard, so there is no need for you to bother installing different apps or opening a dozen of browser tabs;
  • none of them will compromise you.

Reasonable pricing makes Hoverwatch an attractive choice for those seeking a descent tracker. If you want to cancel the subscription – it is very easy to do via the dashboard. Our verdict is 9/10.

9Expert Score

Ease of use
Value for money

People also ask about Hoverwatch


Can Hoverwatch be detected?

Hoverwatch works in stealth mode and cannot be detected by any means known to us. Neither we found any information about this in other Hoverwatch reviews.

The main idea of Hoverwatch is secretly spying on someone, so the developers created and modernized it with this thought in mind. The only possible reason a device owner might get suspicious is battery consumption, but even here, Hoverwatch tries to be as optimized as possible.

Is Hoverwatch legit?

Hoverwatch is a 100% legit phone tracker which obeys all the rules and requirements. Using Hoverwatch, you do not break any laws if you follow the license agreement. So please, spend a few minutes reading it to be on the safe side. Also, do not install Hoverwatch on devices you do not own without the owner’s permission.

Is Hoverwatch free?

Only the Hoverwatch keylogger is free. If you want to use all the features, you should check the payment section of this review or the website, choose a plan that suits you, and pay for it. We understand that everyone would like a good application for free, but the developers are also hungry, though, as claimed, a 3-day free trial is offered.

Does Hoverwatch really work?

In fact, it does not work, and this whole review is a joke.

Of course, it works, and even more, the developers constantly improve it, adding new features to be up to date and updating the existing ones. Moreover, should you have any issues – you can always contact their customer support for help. However, reaching out for help is possible only by submitting a request, so a lack of a live chat may be frustrating for some customers.

Do I need to root my phone to use Hoverwatch?

There is no need to root the device or do anything else other than described in the installation procedure. We did our best to describe the process in as detail as possible. If you follow every step precisely – you should have no issues with the installation.

How often does Hoverwatch update data?

If you have synched your account with the device – it takes around 5 minutes to start seeing data on your dashboard. Later, it is updated every couple of minutes.

Should you have any problems with it – check the permissions given to the app first. If you still cannot find the reason for not getting the updated data, please contact customer support.


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