What Are the Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone? 10 Apps for 2023

WhatsApp is a popular messaging device, with hundreds of billions of messages sent daily. If you’re a parent of a minor child or an employer, WhatsApp conversations are concerning. From inappropriate messages to messages wasting company hours, there are reasons why you may want to monitor WhatsApp chats. Sometimes, spying on these chats could save a person’s life. The strong point of these applications these days is that it’s easier to spy now than ever before.

What software is worth it, and which ones are our other top picks? This article will explain the best WhatsApp spy app for your situation. Let’s dive more precisely into the main information gathered.

Best WhatsApp Spy App List

Here is an overview of 10 WhatsApp spy apps worth your attention. They are highly popular and vary in terms of features, compatibility, and user experience.


mSpy: The Best WhatsApp Spy App Overall

mSpy main

One app you should try if you want to monitor WhatsApp messages is mSpy. When choosing the best spy app for WhatsApp, going with an experienced app is a good choice. This app has been in the game since 2011 and is marketed for parents who want to monitor their child’s WhatsApp chat. The process to get this onto a device in order to monitor the WhatsApp messages is simple. You install this app on the target device, then view its monitoring via a dashboard. It hides itself on your child’s phone discreetly.

The app allows you to monitor your child’s WhatsApp activity. It logs their messages, tells you who they called and for how long, and saves any photos and videos. In addition, it comes with many other features, including:

  • Keylogger saves everything your kids type
  • Geofencing and GPS, which will tell you where your child is and alert you if they leave boundaries you create
  • Real-time screenshotting

This app is more than a WhatsApp spy tool since it also has the added perks of GPS too, which is good if you’re concerned about your child going to see other people that they shouldn’t. It has all the features that spy apps should have, so we recommend you try it.


EyeZy: Best WhatsApp Spy App for Serious Monitoring

eyeZy main

If you’re looking for a powerful WhatsApp monitoring app, EyeZy is an excellent choice. It’s another app that has been in the game for a while and has many features to prove it. What we love about EyeZy is that it’s designed to be future-proof. It’s constantly adapting to current apps and OS versions, which other programs struggle with.

With EyeZy, you may track WhatsApp calls and even recover deleted WhatsApp messages. Other features include:

  • Blocking website
  • Completely customizable notifications
  • The most advanced location tracking


SpyBubble: Best Spy App for Cheaters’ WhatsApp

spybubblepro main

Next, we have SpyBubble, spy software designed to track someone’s cell phone and catch them in the act. This app is exclusively marketed towards those who suspect their partner is cheating and want to see them in the act. With SpyBubble, spy on someone’s WhatsApp, phone number, text messages, GPS location, and much more. While you should always ensure you’re in the legal clear before using this app, it will help you catch a cheater by revealing all their WhatsApp activity, including secret profiles. Included features:

  • Spy on all versions of iPhone and Android
  • Monitors all social media in addition to being a WhatsApp tracker
  • Access all media files, including ones that have since been deleted


uMobix: Best WhatsApp Spying App for General Use

uMobix main

This app has been in the game for a while, praised by parents and others for being a robust spy app with plenty to choose from. Track WhatsApp conversations, see which phone number your child is calling, and receive real-time updates. Some of its included features:

  • Complete browsing and Internet history monitoring
  • Intuitive interface that always stays up to date
  • Keep track of all your child’s information, including deleted information


Hoverwatch: Best Free App to Spy on WhatsApp Messages

hoverwatch main

Hoverwatch is frequently called the best spy app for WhatsApp Android users. It’s different from other apps on this list, as it’s free to use. Of course, you will only get so far if you pay for a subscription. However, it does allow you to get a feel for it before you put any money down. It’s excellent WhatsApp spy software if you’re an Android family, as it’s designed explicitly for that WhatsApp version.

Features include:

  • One of the few WhatsApp spy apps exclusively for Android
  • Some of the most affordable subscription plans
  • Filled with most of the features you expect from a tracking app. Spy with no stone unturned


Cocospy: Best WhatsApp Spy App for Tablets

Cocospy main

Cocospy is another app popular with parents, and it works equally well on smartphones and tablets. With this parental control app, monitor WhatsApp messages and list all your child’s activities. It’s well-known for working with most versions of iPhone and Android and staying in the shadows well. While not a free WhatsApp tracker, it’s worth the money.

  • Tracks major social media apps, including Discord
  • Advanced geofencing features
  • Unsurpassed stealth mode


Spyera: The Best WhatsApp Spy App to Keep Track of Calls

spyera main

Spyera is a parental control app that has similar features to the above. However, this app stands out because it tracks calls in real time. Some applications only let you see who the person called and the duration, but you cannot listen to the conversation.

Spyera lets you do so. Once again, be aware of any recording laws in your area. In general, if you’re listening in on your minor child or an employee work phone that you own, you’re safe, but we are not lawyers!

Other features include:

  • Easy installation
  • 10-day money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac


FlexiSPY: Powerful Tracking Software

flexispy main

FlexiSPY is considered powerful spy software by many of its users and the app itself. We can’t argue with the facts. Read WhatsApp messages in real time, install it remotely on iPhone, and make use of constantly added new features. If you want to track your kids or employees, this is an excellent choice. Also, it is possible to purchase phones with FlexiSPY installed. This works well if you want to avoid the hassle of having to jailbreak or root the phone.

  • Easy to install, with remote installation included
  • GPS tracking that finds your target to the last bit
  • Pre-installation plans are available


ClevGuard – An Underdog Pick

clevguard main

Many tracking app lists mention the same services, but we decided to go a little deeper. One app, ClevGuard (AKA KidsGuard Pro,) is an all-purpose tracking app that does everything quite well. Whether you want to track your children, read your employees’ messages, or see if a loved one is cheating on you, CleavGuard does all this exceptionally well.

Some of its features include:

  • Immediate alerts when your target does something
  • Simple to use and install
  • Tracks all social media apps quickly, making it an app that you will want to try


XNSPY: Last, But Not Least!

xnspy main

Finally, we have XNSPY. This software is popular for employers in such publications as Entrepreneur. Ideally, this software works well for companies looking to determine what is causing a loss in productivity. If an employee spends too much time on WhatsApp and other distracting websites, you may figure it out through XNSPY. It’s a robust app that many are using for a reason.

  • Advanced tracking with an intuitive dashboard
  • Has many different ways to track, including the latest social media tools
  • Constantly updating and adding new features

What Are Some Reasons to Use a WhatsApp Spy Tool?

Many people have their own reasons for using these tools. However, it usually boils down to one of three reasons, which we’ll look at now:

Parental Control

As a parent, you want your child or teen to be safe. While your children, particularly as they get older, deserve privacy, there are times when you should step in as a parent. If you believe your child is talking to a sexual predator, it may be time for you to step in. Another reason why you may want to use a tracking app is to control when your child can use their devices, such as allowing them to do so after homework.

Employee Monitoring

If you own a business, you know how bad a loss in productivity can be. That’s why spy apps can work so well. As long as your employees know you’re using them and that they’re only their work devices, feel free to see what your employees are up to. It works well for WhatsApp tracking as well. Is your employee busy working on a project or talking to their friends? Find out.

Catching a Cheater in the Act

If you suspect your partner is cheating, a spy app will reveal it. If you install it on their phone, you will view their conversations and see if they have any secret social media profiles. These apps will confirm or deny your suspicions. Just be sure you read local laws, as installing an app like this may be illegal. We are not responsible for any legal troubles that can arise.

Can I Install a WhatsApp Spy App Without Device Access?

It depends on the app and the device itself. Some services let you install the software via the target device’s iCloud account, provided you know the credentials. However, no programs have yet to give you remote Android installation. Usually, you will need device access, so be sure you have that before purchasing any of these services.


All these software variants work well if you wish to track someone’s messages. WhatsApp can be an app for good, but it will be a place where predators gather or cheaters cheat. , Expose inappropriate activities through a monitoring app. We recommend looking at all these apps and finding one which works best according to your needs and budget. Each app has something different to offer, even with similar features. We hope this article was helpful to you in choosing the best spy app for cheaters on WhatsApp.


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