Top 5 Best Facebook Spy Apps in 2023 – Description and Features

If you have never thought about spying on one’s Facebook activity – it is probably the best time to do that right now because you definitely miss a lot. Many people have completely different lives on social networks, and a person you know may have nothing in common with the person on Facebook. Thus, monitoring what your loved ones and the people you care about do on the Internet is never a bad idea.

5 Best Facebook Spy Tools Reviewed

The Internet is full of different Facebook spy apps. Many of them offer similar features and prices; some look like each other’s clones. Therefore, it may take a lot of time to choose a really good tool to spy on someone’s Facebook. That is why we analyzed the whole market and picked up the 5 most useful and convenient social media monitoring tools.

mSpy – Facebook Messenger Monitoring Leader

mSpy main

Whenever you need to establish monitoring on one’s Facebook account – one of the best choices is definitely mSpy. It is a simple and intuitive application that guarantees that nothing, not only Facebook activity, will stay hidden on the target phone. Using it, you will have a feeling that the developers have input their souls into this spy tool.

mSpy main features:

  • it monitors the target phone’s location via GPS, letting you know where the device is at any moment. You can either get the text coordinates or location pinned on the map;
  • on the dashboard, you can choose Facebook and get the most detailed report on the user’s activity on this social media;
  • allows parents to control what apps their children use on their phones.

There are several payment plans available for this spy app. To subscribe for 1 month, you should pay $48.99, and if you choose a yearly subscription – it will cost you only $11.66 monthly. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel the subscription and get a refund if you do not like the app. It is possible only if this monitoring monster has problems and the customer support service is unable to fix them.

mSpy pros:

  • it creates logs for all types of content;
  • it is a sneaky Facebook monitoring application that is impossible to detect.

mSpy cons:

  • high price and unfriendly to the customers in terms of refund policy;
  • there is no subscription plan for multiple devices.

uMobix – an Online Guardian for Your Children

uMobix main

uMobix is one of the best Facebook spy apps in terms of the features it provides. It can guarantee that nothing is threatening your children online if you have the uMobix spy app installed on their devices. Suggest your little one is bullied on Facebook chats or a drug dealer is trying to approach them and offer something – you will always be ready to shield your child from this.

uMobix main features:

  • it records information about all in- and outgoing calls to a convenient online dashboard;
  • it monitors every Facebook chat where your child is a member, sending you records of all messages texted there;
  • with the help of a keylogger, you will be able to know your child’s Facebook password and, basically, all other credentials entered on the target device, and check all their social networks by yourself.

We cannot say that any software is the best Facebook tracking app and not discuss its pricing. uMobix will cost you $49.99 if you try it for only one month and $12.49 monthly if you choose the yearly plan.

uMobix pros:

  • to use this Facebook messenger tracker, you do not need to hack the device, such as tampering with the device setting via jailbreaking or rooting;
  • you can choose how often your dashboard will get the information from the target device updated.

uMobix cons:

  • some of the features are only available for or work correctly on Android devices;
  • it would be great if the developers optimized its energy consumption because now, after uMobix installation, the battery starts dying noticeably faster.

Cocospy – a Spying Family and Business Assistant

Cocospy main

Cocospy is a secret messenger spy app for both most popular mobile phone platforms. It will let you track the Facebook conversations of both your employees and family members. Unfortunately, it does not offer a chance to try it for free, but it provides you with a free Facebook spy demonstration, which can familiarize you with all its features.

Cocospy main features:

  • it has a call tracking and recording feature: whether the phone number tried to reach your target or was tried to be reached – you will know about it;
  • Facebook messenger spy will let you know everything the person you are spying on discusses on this social network;
  • Whether your target uses text messages or video calls in any other communication app – you will be the second person to know about it after, basically, the owner of the phone.

With the $49.99 price for a one-month subscription, the Cocospy Facebook spy app does not differ much from its competitors. It does not offer subscription plans for multiple devices, so it uses the one subscription-one device scheme. You might find it a good idea to check other options if you need a Facebook tracker for multiple devices. However, if you are only interested in one device – Cocospy is one of the best Facebook messenger spy apps.

Cocospy pros:

  • Cocospy tracks even the information the owner of the device deletes; it is especially great, as people usually think that upon taping the “delete” button, they are 100% safe;
  • It is one the best trackers for instant messages apps, including the Facebook messenger chat, due to the almost immediate synchronization of the target device with the dashboard.

Cocospy cons:

  • unlike many other Facebook spying apps, it does not have geofencing on the list of its features;
  • even though there are a lot of features on the list, some of them may still be under development, meaning you still cannot use them.

eyeZy – One of the Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps for Any Purposes

eyeZy main

eyeZy is that type of spy Facebook assistant that will come in handy in any possible situation. None of us can disagree that the Internet is full of dangers, and it is not only about Facebook, it is actually about all social networks, and without messenger spy apps, many people: parents and employers, will be completely e-blind. eyeZy is the best spy app for spying on Facebook and all other social networks, and it has all the reasons to get this title.

eyeZy main features:

  • Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, and all other messengers will become an open book for you with the messenger spy feature from eyeZy;
  • the browser won’t be a hidden chest for the phone user as well; eyeZy will inform you about all the websites accessed from the monitored device;
  • if you think your employer or child should not have access to a particular resource – you can easily block it with eyeZy.

eyeZy is slightly cheaper than its competitors – $47.99 for a monthly plan and $9.99 per month if you decide to use it for the whole year. We understand that it would be great to have a free Facebook tracker, but quality always costs money, isn’t it?

eyeZy pros:

  • eyeZy is one of the best Facebook spy apps due to its support team, which is ready to assist you anytime and with any issues;
  • Android users can enjoy immediate synchronization as soon as the target device gets connected to WiFi;

eyeZy cons:

  • unfortunately, iCloud synchronization is not as fast as Android;
  • lacks ambient sound listening;
  • jailbreak is required to benefit from the majority of features.

Hoverwatch – the Guy Who Is Always on Guard

hoverwatch main

Hoverwatch is claimed to be the best Facebook spy app for controlling the internet activity of your object. This app was designed to track all Facebook activities performed on the devices, as well as detect and track information going through all other messengers and social networks.

Hoverwatch main features:

  • Hoverwatch not only tracks all the internet activity but also sorts all the alerts in chronological order for the user’s convenience;
  • it will inform you if the user changes the SIM card; it might seem insignificant at the beginning, but many people use different SIM cards for other purposes;
  • like other best Facebook spy apps, Hoverwatch gives you access to the Facebook messenger chat tracker so that you are always aware of what is happening on your target’s Facebook.

Hoverwatch is the best Facebook spy app in terms of pricing – only $24.95 per month for one device and $99.95 for a whole year. Moreover, should you need to monitor more devices, there are plans for 5 gadgets ($199.95 per year) and 25 gadgets ($499.95 per year). It is always great when a user gets more options to choose from!

Hoverwatch pros:

  • you may activate a 5-day trial to check out all the features;
  • you may set up the schedule to take screenshots to know more about what is going on with the device you are observing;

Hoverwatch cons:

  • unfortunately, there is no Hoverwatch for Apple users;
  • the dashboard would have been organized in a better way, using different categories instead of filters.

Why Would I Need a Facebook Spy Software?

You never know why you need to monitor Facebook until you start doing it.

  1. If you have children, you will always know they are not being bullied and harassed on Facebook. You have no idea how many perverts exist on the Internet. Unfortunately, network providers do not have a way to filter people willing to use the Internet, so parental control is the only thing left for us.
  2. The modern entertainment industry idealizes relationships in many ways. When ordinary people like us do not have in their personal life all those attributes popularized by media, such as the ideal body, romantics and flowers, and everyday gifts, they may start looking for them on social media. Who knows, maybe your partner is flirting right now with a stranger on Facebook messages? With a messenger spy, you would have known for sure.
  3. If you have older parents, who are not really into technology and all modern trends but still use Facebook, they can easily get scammed there. Trade scammers, false advertisements, different types of online marathons, and master classes – all these things can suck money from your oldies. Using a monitoring app, you can notice and prevent something inappopriate on time.

Can I Install Facebook Spy Software Remotely?

Technology constantly evolves, so what is impossible today may become possible tomorrow. As for now, you can install spy apps on iPhones via iCloud, say, remotely. However, you cannot do that if you cannot pass the 2FA on the target device, so you still need to get the gadget in your hands and disable or pass it manually.

If your target has an Android phone, the installation process is 100% manual. It means you need to get the phone in your hands, unlock it, download the app on it, start the installation, and so on. To sum up, there is no way to install a tracker app 100% remotely.

For Whom Is Facebook Messenger Spy Software?

There are no legal limitations on who can use Facebook spy tools; everyone who can register on the Internet and has an active bank account to pay for the app or subscription is free to check how it works.

However, when you want to track Facebook, you should either own the device or have the permission of its owner for tracking. A tiny remark: if you need to track your underaged child’s phone, legally, it is okay because the phone you bought them is, in fact, your property.


Is it possible to detect a Facebook messenger monitoring app?

Facebook spy apps are designed to be undetectable and secret. Probably, there are some ways to understand that there is a tracker on your device by monitoring battery consumption or memory load, but who will do that?

If I use one of the best Facebook tracker apps, can I really monitor one’s FB activity not touching the phone?

Obviously, you will have to touch your phone because it will be like a small hub between the target device and you. As for the device you want to monitor – no physical access to it is required after you finish the installation procedure.

Is it legal to use a Facebook messenger monitoring app?

Facebook tracking apps, in their essence, are completely legal to use. Just remember that you are not supposed to install such apps on devices you don’t own. Also, checking local laws on this matter is always a great idea.


We did our best to familiarize you with the best Facebook spy apps, so now it is only up to you which of them to choose to proceed with. It would be great to have a trial for all the spy apps we mentioned here; hopefully, developers will consider this one day.


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