Who We Are

Welcome to the world of hidden spy apps. And we are your guides here. A team of professionals in love with what we do. We work with the best specialists in development, writing, and design. Long-term experience allows us to create the best reviews on the market in the niche of surveillance applications. We are constantly looking for the needs of our readers to offer exactly what they need without fail. Get the best tracking result with our service!

Our Mission

Surveillance apps would have a use in every person’s life. So we’re faced with the fact that this is an important digital tool, especially in terms of parental control apps. But, testing what the market offers today, it became clear that there is an acute flush of quality products. This has become the main goal of HiddenSpyApp – gathering info for a better understanding of the spy apps niche.

Our Team

Hiddenspyapps.com as a team has formed over the years. And now, it is the perfect balance of knowledge and technology. There are no casual people on our team, and everyone has the worthy experience to be an important link. We know exactly what we can offer to our client’s request. See below for information on who creates the best monitoring app reviews for you.

Jeffrey Willsting

Jeffrey is an ambitious and purposeful man. A master’s degree in personnel management and two additional higher education degrees enable him to run a clear business. Jeffrey started as a marketer, worked as an SEO specialist, and now he put together a fabulous team for Hiddenspyapps.com. He combines the right leadership qualities and also simple human qualities.

Amanda Milltone

The B.A. degree and working knowledge allowed Amanda to become one of the best specialists in this niche. She thoroughly knows how the word and the content work with marketing algorithms. Now she deals with content writing. Amanda writes marketing articles (SMM, promotional engagement) for our apps’ websites and all product descriptions. Excellent skills and knowledge help her keep afloat.

Anthony Lows

Since Anthony joined the HiddenSpyApps team, the content for the site has become even better. He has more than ten years of experience in writing. He is well-versed in the algorithms of social networks and SEO. And the education of a psychologist allows Anthony to get along with the team easily. A professional editor you can rely on.