The Best Hidden Spy Apps Overview

You want to keep track of your children, an employee’s work phone, or see if your spouse is cheating on you. Spy apps can help you accomplish these. When installed on your target’s phone, they run in the background and will send you real-time updates. However, with so many tracking apps, you may wonder which is the best one for your situation. This article covers the best spy apps on the market today.

Best choice
mSpy logo
View SMS/messages including iMessage, Tinder, GPS Tracking, Wi-Fi Networks,View Photos, and Videos
Top support
umobix logo
Detect deleted messages, Instagram, Geo-finder, Record browser usage, Keylogger, Additional apps for parents
Best price
Cocospy logo
Tracks incoming/outgoing calls, Facebook Messenger, geo-fencing, Track browser history, check IMEI Number.
From $39,99
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hoverwatch logo
SMS, Whatsapp, SIM card location, Monitor browser history, Screenshots of activities
Great value
From $24,95
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Best Hidden Spy Apps
Calls & Messages, Social Media, GPS Tracking, Browser history, Screen recorder
From $41,99
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Best Hidden Spy Apps Review



Best hidden spy app

Quick Overview

Since 2011, mSpy has been parents’ choice when they want to monitor their children’s activities. With many advanced parental control monitoring features, it’s become a way for you to see where your kids are, who they’re texting, and what they are doing. Let’s look at some of its significant features.


  • Keylogger from mSpy lets you see what your kids are typing in real-time
  • GPS and geofencing mean you can see where your kids are and receive alerts if they leave specific areas
  • Social media app and text monitoring ensures your children are not texting anyone inappropriately or doing anything illegal
  • Real-time screenshotting means that you won’t miss anything your child does
  • Detailed tracking of your child’s activities
  • Easy to set up; no jailbreaking or rooting knowledge required
  • It has been a trusted app for over a decade
  • 24/7 customer service if you have any questions
  • Constantly improving their services
  • No desktop version
  • Only one phone can be tracked per plan

What You Monitor Using mSpy App

  • Who your children are texting with 
  • The most frequently used contact
  • Calls logs and keystrokes
  • Social media usage
  • Monitor their location at all times
  • Overall phone activity using real-time screenshots
  • In addition, you control what apps they use and for how long
Price Per Month

$41.99, though there are constant discounts and multiple-month plans


  • All versions of iOS
  • Android 4 and above

Final Verdict

There is a reason why mSpy is one of the best phone spy apps. It ensures a quality user experience, real-time tracking and is an excellent value if you want to keep your kids safe. You can try it for up to 14 days and request a refund if unsatisfied. We recommend you try it and see if it meets your needs.



Best Hidden Phone Spy App
umobix review

Quick Overview

Another popular app for parental control, uMobix, is marketed toward parents who wish to see what their children are doing on social media at all times. Social media can be an excellent tool for children, but with predators and bad actors, you need to keep a watchful eye on your kids. Alternatively, its features can be employed to keep an eye on your partner or employees.


  • Record your child’s browser history, even in incognito mode
  • Access photos and videos, including ones that your target has deleted
  • Robust social media and text message tracking
  • GPS tracking to see where your loved ones are
  • View call logs, including deleted calls
  • Constantly updating interface that makes it simple for parents to monitor their children
  • Advanced parental control tracking
  • Simple usage
  • Real-time notifications
  • The affordable price makes it great for users on a budget
  • Recover deleted photos
  • iOS features are more limited if compared to Android
  • No remote installation for Android

What You Monitor Using uMobix App

  • Posts, messages, and activity on social media
  • Incognito browsing history
  • Photos and videos, even those that are deleted
  • GPS exact location and whereabouts history
  • Text messages and call logs, even deleted ones
  • App usage and time spent on the phone
  • All incoming and outgoing calls
  • Keylogger to catch any word typed via device
Price Per Month

$49.99 per 1 month; other monthly plans are available. Costs vary depending on the subscription duration and allow users to save for longer periods.


  • All iOS versions (newest and older ones)
  • Android 4 or higher

Final Verdict

This app is yet another excellent tool for parents. One reason you may prefer uMobix over mSpy, despite mSpy’s more advanced features, is that it provides full control over Facebook and Instagram as if you are using your own accounts. Nevertheless, both provide an excellent experience for parents wishing to track their children, so we recommend you check out user reviews and see which is the best parental phone spying app for your case.



Best Hidden SMS Spy App

Quick Overview

Next, we have the Cocospy monitoring app. It is also used by parents who want to keep their kids safe, with all its features dedicated to that. You may watch where your loved ones are by tracking their messages, enabling geofencing, and more. Like many phone spy apps, it has a variety of uses.


  • Stealth mode is designed in a good way to keep your tracking as discreet as possible
  • Geofencing lets you set up boundaries on the map and the mobile spy will alert you should your target leave them
  • Monitor major social media apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp
  • Discord tracking, including messages, calls, and more
  • Call logs and text logs to see who your child is speaking to
  • It comes with all the features you need to track your spouse or kid
  • Designed to be as discreet as possible
  • 24/7 support
  • Simple to install
  • Trusted by many parents
  • Suitable for employee monitoring (track up to 25 devices)
  • It lacks a free trial
  • Some features may require you to root or jailbreak your phoneing advertising of other plans
  • Requires disabling Play Protect for Android and 2FA for iOS, as well as enabling iCloud backup, though this is necessary for all phone spy app tools

What You Monitor Using Cocospy App

  • Text messages and phone calls monitoring. See how long the target has been speaking to someone and who that was
  • GPS location tracking and geofencing boundaries to keep kids safe
  • Social media activity, including messages
  • App usage
  • Browser history, including incognito
  • Keylogger and screen snaps
Price Per Month

– $39.99/month for basic (1 device)
– $49.99 for premium (1 device)
– $69.99 for family (3 devices)
– $99.99/month for family (5 devices)
– $49.99 for premium (1 device)
– $399.99/month for business (25 devices)


  • Compatible with all iOS devices
  • Android 4 or higher

Final Verdict

Cocospy is a solid tracking app all around. What we enjoy about it is how simple it is and how you can choose between three plans according to your needs. While it does not stand out among the rest, it’s a solid app you may want to try, free from jailbreak or rooting and providing a 60-day money-back guarantee. It may be your best undetectable spy app.



Best Hidden Spy App for Android
hoverwatch main

Hoverwatch markets itself as a free Android spy app. But, of course, there is a catch. While Hoverwatch is free to use, you will need to purchase a monthly subscription to access its features. However, the pricing is much cheaper if compared to other Android spy software on the market. In addition, Hoverwatch has everything you’d expect from a tracking app. Let’s look at some of its features.


  • Records your target’s SMS and call history
  • Front-facing camera mode lets you see what the target is seeing
  • Track a person’s location at all times
  • Monitor all major social media apps, including WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Monitor their Internet activity and browsing history
  • Advanced phone monitoring
  • Affordable monthly pricing
  • Simple to install
  • One of the best hidden Android spy apps with an intuitive interface
  • Allows to record phone calls
  • Regular updates
  • Not for iOS
  • Markets itself as a free app when it’s not

What You Monitor Using Hoverwatch

  • Monitor someone’s sights ahead of them with a front-facing camera mode
  • Get the information about person’s texts 
  • Check and record all incoming and outgoing calls
  • See a person’s Internet activities and browsing history
  • Track someone’s location at all times
  • Overall activities on Android, as it’s exclusive to that OS
Price Per Month

$24.95/mon – personal plan for 1 device
$49.95/mon – professional for 5 devices
$149/95mon – business for 25 devices


  • Android 4+, Windows, and Mac OS devices of all series

Final Verdict

Hoverwatch is one of the best hidden spy apps for Android. It’s meant for an Android phone, so do not purchase this if you intend to monitor an iPhone. That said, we love how well Hoverwatch works and how affordable it is. Some people may be frustrated because it markets itself as free Android software when it’s not.



Best Hidden Spy App for iPhone
eyeZy main

Quick Overview

eyeZy markets itself as the most powerful monitoring software on the planet, which is a bold claim. It needs to be evidenced. With so many options, what makes eyeZy stand out? According to its website, it’s future-proof, meaning it can keep up with tomorrow’s tech. Let’s see its features:


  • Geofencing lets you choose safe and unsafe zones
  • Block websites you deem inappropriate
  • Text and call logging to keep your kids safe
  • Push notifications to give you real-time updates on activities
  • Pinpoint tracking ensures that your children never get out of sight
  • Checking all calls received
  • Finding out the media files in the device’s gallery
  • All the essential tracking features
  • Easy to set up and understandable service interface
  • Advanced screen recording
  • No free trial to meet with the service. So, you aren’t able to see how it works just before the subscription plan purchase

What You Monitor Using eyeZy

  • A child’s Internet activities, including email, browsing history, social media use, and more
  • Their location in real-time
  • Track someone’s location and set boundaries
  • Track how often they use their phone so that they can be much more productive
  • Influence the WiFi connection (setting it off or on when it is needed)
Price Per Month

$41.99 monthly, with deals depending on how many months you’ve purchased it


  • Compatible with modern iOS (phones and tablets) and Android devices

Final Verdict

eyeZy is a good tracking app, but some people may question its claim about being the most advanced tracker on the planet. This is because it has tracking features similar to other apps on this list, and while it works well, other apps may give you a better deal. However, it’s still a beloved app for a reason, so try it out and see how well it works for you.



Best Hidden Parental Spy App
flexispy main

Quick Overview

Next up, we have FlexiSPY. Another modern solution to deliver the coveted tracking results. This spying app claims to be the most powerful tracking software in the world. But does it have anything unique to offer compared to the others? Let’s break down its features, and you’ll decide if FlexiSPY suits your tracking needs.


  • Remote installation so you don’t have to touch your target’s device
  • Know your child’s location through its advanced GPS tracking
  • Reading all the messages that are sent to the target device
  • See activity on social media accounts
  • Look through the browser history and find even the deleted websites visited
  • Get the information from the Facebook messenger
  • Find the media files held on the device
  • Advanced tracking features to keep your kids safe
  • Purchase a phone with pre-installed software if you’re puzzled about how to do it
  • Trusted by major media outlets
  • Affordable price for what you get
  • Some features are hidden behind their most expensive package
  • You may need a jailbroken or rooted phone to access everything

What You Monitor Using FlexiSPY

  • Your target’s texts (incoming, outgoing, and even hidden and deleted ones)
  • Calls detecting
  • Internet usage checking
  • GPS location
  • Social media apps work
  • What apps they use and what sites they visit
  • Overall phone usage
  • What times of day they use their phone
  • WiFi connection blocking
Price Per Month

Lite plan: $29.95
Premium: $79
Extreme: $119


Visit their website, where you enter the target device model, and they will say if it’s compatible.

Final Verdict

FlexiSPY is powerful tracking software that has been around for a while. While it’s not so unique, it makes up for it with an established app that you can even order preinstalled on a new phone. There’s a reason why many turn to FlexiSPY, so see if it’s for you.



Best Hidden App to Spy on Spouse
spyera main

Quick Overview

Spyera is a top spy app that markets itself as undetectable software that will come in handy to know what your kids are doing and see their whereabouts when they are out of the home. Like the other apps on the list, it tracks texts, call logs, and messages. Is it a spy phone app worth considering against all the other competition? Let’s find out.


  • Track their text messages and even hidden and deleted ones
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Viewing social media accounts as if you are their owner
  • Getting common updates via reports
  • Discreet and remote tracking process
  • Screenshotting and real-time viewing let you see what your target is doing
  • Checking the information from messengers, WhatsApp, for instance
  • Recording the whereabouts of the person needed
  • Easy usage with quick installation
  • Plenty of tracking features for invisible monitoring
  • 10-day money-back guarantee
  • It may require rooted/jailbroken devices

What You Monitor Using Spyera

  • Person’s texts
  • Social media activity
  • What they do on their phone
  • Live call listening and recording calls in social media
  • Their surroundings to see where they are in real-time
  • Photos, videos, and other personal files
  • Keylogger helps catch everything typed on the device
Price Per Month

$89 for a smartphone
$69 for a tablet
$49 for a computer


All modern versions of Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

Final Verdict

Spyera is an excellent app if you want to monitor your kid, husband, or wife. For us, it’s one of the best hidden spy apps for Android due to its versatility and compatibility. However, it is pricey, meaning it may not be the app for you if you are on a low budget. Nevertheless, try it out and see if it works for you.



Best Spy App for Snapchat and Hidden Apps
spyic main

Quick Overview

Finally, we have Spyic – robust hidden spy apps representative. This app claims to be the definitive parental control app, but is it? With so many apps on this list, Spyic does have big shoes to fill. Let’s find out by looking at its features and pricing and seeing if it’s the best app for your situation. Here’s the following info to meet with:


  • Contact monitoring. See what’s on someone’s contact list
  • WhatsApp tracking. View old messages and see conversations in real-time
  • View someone’s browser history to ensure they are not looking at inappropriate websites
  • Call monitoring. See someone’s call logs
  • Track their SIM location and set up geofencing
  • Check social media accounts
  • View text messages (incoming and outgoing)
  • Organized SMS alerts
  • A sleek dashboard
  • Clean keylogger results
  • Great customer service
  • Keeps your kids monitored
  • Expensive
  • Some features barred depending on your phone

What You Monitor Using Spyic

  • Monitor someone’s texts, call logs
  • Check the contact list and get information about the most commonly used ones
  • See someone’s GPS location and receive alerts should they leave your designated areas
  • Track social media usage and read private conversations
  • See their overall phone usage and receive real-time updates at all times
Price Per Month

$49.99/mon – premium (1 device), $39.99 – basic (1 device), 69.99 – family (3 devices)


Compatible with all modern versions of Android and iOS devices.

Final Verdict

Spyic is an excellent app with a sleek user interface for the parent who does not want anything too complex. While the price is quite high, it may be ideal for a parent who needs to monitor a couple of children. With a Family plan, you can save money while keeping your offspring safe.

What Is a Hidden Spy App?

A hidden spy app is a program you install on someone’s phone or a similar device. It runs hidden in the background and sends real-time information to the person who installed it, such as what the person is texting, social media activity, phone logs, GPS information, and more. In addition, hidden spy apps can control what the person does on their phone and monitor their usage.

Most hidden spy apps require a monthly fee, so those who use them should consider the benefits versus the cost. People use hidden spy apps for several reasons, which we’ll discuss. So, let’s dive into this topic more precisely.

Why Use a Hidden Spy App?

If you use a hidden spy app, you may be using this solution for one of the common reasons. The preconditions for use are generally as described below.

The Best Spyware Helps You Monitor Your Children

Many parents use these apps to monitor their kids’ social media activities or phone usage. Online activity can carry many cyber risks. As a result, children and adolescents can fall victim to sexual predators, get involved in illegal activities, or do other inappropriate actions. Spy apps can help you keep your kids safe while not arousing suspicion from your children. In addition, these apps can help you see where your kids are at all times. 

The Best Mobile Spy Software Helps You Track Employee Activity

When employees use their work computers or phones, you don’t want them slacking off on social media or wasting time with other non-productive activities. The best software helps you keep track of your employees in real time. If there’s a loss in productivity, you can figure out which employee is slacking off and react accordingly. This way, you will always have less opportunity to understand that the working day in your company runs rationally and profitably. 

The Best Undetectable Spy App Helps You Snoop on a Spouse

If you think your spouse is cheating on you, installing an app on their phone can help you figure out the truth. See their DMs, discover hidden dating profiles, and their GPS location. Are they staying late at work? With a spy app, figure out the truth. Be sure to check your local laws on spying. Pay attention that you shouldn’t cross the norms of ethics. Still, surveillance is interference in personal space. 

The Best Hidden Spy Apps: Free Vs. Paid

Most advanced hidden spy apps will require monthly, multiple, or annual fees. While these apps can have free trials, you’ll still need to pay money to get the most out of them.

Most free spy apps are apps that come with your phone. For example, Find My iPhone can see your target’s location. However, you need to know their iCloud credentials, and it’s not discreet. Therefore, many will pay more.

Some apps are a hybrid, where there is a free version, but it offers basic features. They may be beneficial if you only need the basic features or are on a low budget. In general, the decision is yours. In any case, a quality product will give a good result. 

How to Install Hidden Spy Apps?

In most cases, hidden spy apps have similar installation instructions. Find the apps via Google Play or App Store or perform necessary manipulation online on the website. 

  • Visit their website. Choose the proper option and click on “try” or “purchase”.
  • Purchase your plan. Many apps have multiple package choices, meaning that you purchase a monthly or annual plan.
  • You will then receive a link to download the app. Download it on the device either through iCloud or physically in case you selected one of the best hidden spy apps for Android on our list. Pay attention that for Android, it’s necessary to disable Play Protect and give specific permission, while for iOS, remote installation is possible on condition that 2FA is disabled and iCloud sync is enabled.
  • You can then log in to your dashboard and see real-time updates. Customize the updates according to your needs.
  • If you have any questions, contact technical support.

How We Choose The Best Hidden Spy Apps


Most people who use spy apps are parents making every penny count, so we wanted to choose the best apps that delivered plenty of features for a great price. Most apps can cost money, so we wanted to be transparent with pricing.

Please note that the pricing displayed in this list can depend on sales and may be subject to change. Your best approach is to go to their website and see their current prices. By the way, sometimes a more budget product is good in results.


What features do these apps have? Most apps offer basic features covered for effective spying apps, such as GPS tracking, keylogging, and text message tracking. We looked at the apps that covered all these bases and sometimes went above and beyond, delivering unique features allowing you to track your target with many tools.

Since spy software is constantly updating, visit their websites to see a complete list of features. As a rule, paid versions suggest a more comprehensive range of services.

User Experience

How user-friendly are the apps? We realize they are meant for parents who may not have the time to learn something advanced, so we chose simple apps to install and use. Usually, they are user-friendly, but some can be overly complicated.

We did not put it on the list if one required too much knowledge. Of course, if you face problems, responsive customer service is a must, so pay attention to this while making up your mind. By the way, you can always read the feedback of users who have already tried a particular application.


Jailbreaking/rooting requires you to change the device’s default settings to use the device in more ways than the developer intended. It used to be that most apps needed you to have a tampered phone to use them. However, now most spy apps allow you to use a non-jailbroken phone.

With that said, some platforms have features only accessible through jailbreaking, so keep that in mind. The ideal spy app lets you use the basic features without requiring any extra technical manipulations: no risks and forbidden actions.


The spy app should be compatible with modern Androids and iPhones. While the use can differ depending on the OS (for example, remote installation tends to be limited to iPhones), it should be about the same experience across devices.

Some apps are only for iPhone or Android, and while they have their uses, it can be problematic if you want to spy on multiple devices and they are of different phone types. With that said, visit the site to see which OSs are compatible.

Customer Support

Finally, we choose apps based on their customer support reputation. The best apps have customer service that goes above and beyond for their user. If you have any questions, their customer service is available 24/7, with prompt, detailed responses.

The best hidden spy apps have multiple ways to contact customer service if you need them. For example, contact them through chat, email, phone, or other traditional methods. As a result, have quick customer service, no matter where you are or what you use.

Best Undetectable Spy Apps FAQ

Are hidden spy apps safe?

Most hidden spy apps are entirely safe to use and provide no cyber risks. They use secure payment methods and will not sell your information. But, of course, when you’re spying on someone, it’s between you and the person you’re spying on. That said, always research before investing in a spy app.

Are hidden spy apps legal?

These apps are legal to download and use. First, however, you need to research the spying laws in your state or country. In most instances, it’s legal to install apps on your minor child’s phone or an employee’s work device. However, other cases can get murky legally, so beware.

What is the best undetectable spy app for Android?

Most adequately manifested are uMobix and mSpy. These have plenty of features for parents and other people who want to spy on their targets. Applications have a good price-quality ratio for decent monitoring results.

Do you need physical access to the phone?

It will be convenient if the target device belongs to the iOS series. This will simplify the task of obtaining data. With the best Android spy apps, you only need five minutes for installation.

How much time do the best hidden spy apps for Android take to spy?

As a rule, these services work instantaneously, and every couple of minutes, the user receives reports in their personal account. You don’t need to constantly update data; applications do it for you.

Can the best undetectable spy app be detected?

The best spy phone apps are usually undetectable to the average person. If your target device comes to Android, hide the icon after installation. With iCloud, everything is simple – the person will not even guess that you are tracking their data.

What is the best free undetectable spy app?

A free trial is meant here. This is a great option without risks to try the application and see if you need it at all. Isolate the option that suits you best. Our top pick would be uMobix, thanks to its versatile functionality and user-friendly online dashboard.

How do you find undetectable spy apps on Android?

Revealing the best hidden spy apps for Android requires you to take the device to an expert. Even then, they can be difficult to be found immediately. If a person suspects they are being spied on, they may look for suspicious icons in the Files Manager on their gadget.

How do you find hidden spy apps on iPhone?

The best undetectable spy app tends to be hidden well. The surveillance is carried out remotely through iCloud since no installation is required for iOS. Therefore, it is challenging to find what was not physically installed on the device, though you may check what permissions apps have in iPhone Storage and disallow unwanted ones.