Trojans, Spyware, and Viruses, Oh My!

If you own a computer, at some point in time, you have had to put up with the common Internet pests called spy-ware, viruses, or Trojans. They seem to be everywhere, with no hope of their creators letting up. Well folks, I am here to say that there is hope. Today I plan to show you three simple programs that will make your life much easier like they did mine. They are called A-Squared, Spybot Search and Destroy, and AVG Anti-Virus. These tools, used in conjunction with each other, will keep your computer running bug free for a long time. And the best part about it, they are free. Yes, you heard right, totally FREE. So what are you waiting for, keep reading and I will show you how to stay on top of those pesky bugs, and hopefully keep them from coming back. click this link here now: free phone spy

Step 1- Downloading

You may download these wonderful programs for free from the programs main homepages. For A-Squared you may find the latest version here. Be sure to download the A-Squared free version. For Spybot Search and Destroy the latest version can be found here. Once again be sure to get the latest version. And do not worry about the patch downloads, because all three of these programs have an automatic download option once you have them installed. But we will get to that later. Last but not least you need to download AVG Anti-Virus. You may find this program for free here.

Step 2- Installing

Once you have all three programs downloaded it is time for installation. Begin by double clicking the A-Squared file that was downloaded. It will take you step by step through the installation. If you are unfamiliar with the options it gives you, just keep the default options it has selected and continue with the installation. Once you have finished with A-Squared do the same with Spybot S D.; Once again, keep the default options selected and follow the on screen instructions. Once that is complete you will do the exact same procedure with AVG. Just follow the on screen instructions till it is complete.

Step 3- A-Squared

After installation we only have a little bit left to do before you can live a worry free life on the net. Begin by opening the A-Squared program you have just installed. The setup for this one is easy. Once the program has opened, start by selecting the update now button. Let it finish its update, and if it asks you to restart the program, select OK. Once completed you are ready for your first scan. Select the scan now button on the main page. This will take you to one more page that asks you what kind of scan to do. I recommend that most people select the deep scan button for the first scan. It is the slowest but most thorough scan. If not than smart scan should be your choice. Hit the scan button and….wait. You can now go off and watch TV. or play some games. Just do not touch the computer till the scan has finished. Once finished, if it has found anything, it will ask you what you would like to do. You may delete the selected files or you may quarantine them. I would suggest you quarantine them, but if you are like me then delete them for good. Congratulations, you have just completed your first of a three part cleaning process. Go ahead and close the program now and continue on with step 4. Install the application: free phone spy

Step 4- Spybot S D;

Begin by opening the Spybot S D; program. Once loaded, you will see many options. Begin by selecting search for updates. You will then see a list files with unchecked boxes next to them. Right click inside an empty box and click the select all button. Next click the download updates button at the top of the screen. When that task completes look to the left hand side of the screen and select the immunize button. Now you will go to the top of the screen and click the next immunize button. Once finished you have one last step in this category to worry about, and that is the scan itself. On the left hand side of the screen click the Search and Destroy button. At the top of the page you will see a Check for Problems button. Go ahead and select it. Now we wait. Once complete, all of the bad files will automatically be selected so, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Delete button. Congratulations, one more step to go before total annihilation of all the bugs in your system. Close the program and continue on to step 5.

Step 5- AVG

Go ahead and open the AVG program. Now with AVG you have many options. I would recommend that you read the documentation, and setup the Automatic Updates and Auto Scan features. This will save you many headaches. I would also suggest setting both for a late evening time every night or an early morning time, that way you won’t be needing to use the computer only to find it is in the middle of a Virus scan. If you choose to do it the hard way like me, then you will need to manually select the Update button first. Once the updates have completed, then you will choose the Scan option. On the next screen I would choose Full Scan so you get the best coverage, but this option is up to you. This is the longest scan out of all three programs. Depending on the machine you are running it on, it can range from just a few minutes to several hours. So I do suggest running it right before bed, or before you leave for work.

Step 6- Rinse and Repeat

Congratulations, you are now running a machine that is fully protected….for the time being. To keep these programs in top shape and to catch all the latest bugs, you are going to need to repeat these steps at least once a week. If you setup Automatic Updates and Scans with AVG, then you will only have to keep up with A-Squared and Spybot S D.; I always recommend doing updates and scans once a week. It tends to keep my computer clean and catches any new bugs that may have jumped on board in the previous week. If you have any questions or need further advice please don’t hesitate to send me an Email. I hope this has helped you solve your pest problem, and always remember, Don’t Ever Download ANYTHING if you are unsure of the source.