Product Review: Defender Pro Computer Protection Service

Defender Pro, who corporate headquarters is in New York, NY, anti virus software offers two products for the home or small business computer, Defender Pro 15-1 and 5-1. Each product is good for up to three computers without any additional charge. Each products anti virus software updates hourly automatically.

The 15-1 product provides fifteen different services from anti virus and spyware protection; email services such as spam stopper and encryption; and hardware support such as defragging and PC recovery support systems. One unique service provided by the Defender Pro 15-1 product is the ability to “secretly” surf the internet, without leaving a trail, for example by blocking cookies and other tracking tools used by many websites. Another unique service that this product provides is the ability to detect websites that are scams or phishing website. Also, unlike some anti virus software products that include spyware protection, this product provides free updates to the spyware protection system. Lastly, it provides hard drive services for your computer that many other anti virus protection systems do not. Defender Pro 15-1 service may be purchased online for $49.99 and protects up to three computers for one year.

The second home and small business service offered is the 5-1 version. Defender Pro 5-1 features include anti virus, spyware protection, identity theft protection, firewalls and personal computer repair tools. As part of the protection services Defender Pro removes viruses from email and instant messages and protects your computer from invasion. Continue reading this: whatsapp spy utility

Defender Pro has partnered with Kapersky Labs, considered one of the global experts on personal and business computer protection. This partnership has provided Defender Pro with cutting edge technology in its anti virus and anti hacker systems and support.

Three types of technical support: frequently asked questions available online; email support; questions and problems are emailed to a customer or technical support specialist to be answered; and telephone support. The FAQ page was a little difficult to navigate and to find information. Some sections of the FAQ page did not contain any content. The email support is unlimited and without charge. Telephone support requires the use of your credit card, as there is a $9.99 per incident charge.

Defender-Pro also offers a general section on how you can protect yourself from computer viruses, spyware, malware, identity theft and other online risks as well as computer problems. Many of the suggestions include the use of a variety of Defender Pro products, however, they also provide useful information that does not entail the use of their products such as, store records in safe place, monitor your credit regularly, don’t respond to emails you don’t know and be careful where you visit on the internet.

If you are renewing your Defender Pro subscription you can do so for $19.99 for protection of up to three computers. Visit the up coming post: whatsapp spy utility

Some complaints have been made in the past regarding earlier versions of these products but many of the “kinks have been eliminated. The 2008 version now provides support for Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. It is important to make sure that your computer has the proper system requirements, especially enough memory to utilize this software without making it run slowly.

Consumers should note that Defender Pro has several awards and recommendations. It has been named by PC World as one of the best products of 2007, an Editor’s Choice product by CNET and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.